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"This is 73-Bird----for rescue.-----heading east----River. Touchdown at R.P.D.-----minutes.I repeat, touchdown----"
— 73 Bird last words to radio.

"73 Bird" was the callsign of a Raccoon Police Department helicopter pilot. During the latter stages of the Raccoon City Destruction Incident, he made an attempt to fly back to the Raccoon Police Station from the other side of the Circular River. He later crashed his helicopter into the side of the police station on the second floor, barring entry through the hallway. It is unknown what caused him to crash, but with him failing to wake up it can be assumed he was never mutated from infection and died on impact.

Further Notes[]

  • In the original Resident Evil 2, a rescue helicopter was shot down by officer Elliot Edward when he, in his desperation at being attacked by zombies, fired his submachine gun and kills the pilot, causing it to crash into Edward and the Zombies.[1]
  • After putting out the fire, if the player checks the helicopter cabin, he will notice that 73 Bird's body has disappeared. The reason for this is unknown.