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The 75th Ranger Regiment is a special operations force within the US Army. Part of USSOCOM's Army Special Operations Command, the regiment is specially trained to handle a variety of missions.


Following the disbanding of the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, the 75th Ranger Regiment was temporarily tasked with handling biohazards in the United States. In November 2005, they were ordered into Harvardville to contain a t-Virus outbreak at Harvardville International Airport. A unit of the regiment was also sent to WP Corporation's Air Dome Laboratory to apprehend bioterrorist Dr. Curtis Miller, identified as the man responsible for the airport attack. The mission ended with the deaths of the entire Ranger team, but with the successful killing of Dr. Miller by USSTRATCOM.[1]

Further notes[]

The English localization of Resident Evil: Degeneration mistakenly identifies them as Marines. Capcom's biohazard DEGENERATION Visual & Scenario Archive, which contains the complete film script, identifies them correctly as Rangers (レーンジャー Rēnjā?).



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