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A-GUA branded tanker trucks used in New York to spread the gaseous Trigger Strain of the A-Virus.

A-GUA Industries, Ltd. was a dummy company created by Glenn Arias as a means of spreading the Latent Strain of A-Virus through bottled water.[1]


The company was known to have filtration plants surrounding the Great Lakes area.

The water would be obtained through the lakes, where it would then go through minimal filtration and administered doses of the A-Virus' Latent Strain before it was bottled and shipped to markets across America. The only known product A-GUA distributed was A-GUA-G, a mineral enriched bottled water that sold well across U.S.A.

A-GUA-G closeup

A-GUA-G Mineral Water from The Great Lakes.


The company's conception is unknown, though Glenn Arias was the founder, who used A-GUA as a front to spread the A-Virus.

A-GUA Industries, Ltd. was directly involved in the Great Lakes Murders and the bio-terrorist incident in New York.

What happened to the company following its involvement in the bio-terror incidents is unknown, though it is highly likely A-GUA Industries, Ltd. was dismantled following allegations. That said, some of its assets, B.O.W.s and an experimental plasma rifle included, fell into the hands of Dylan Blake, Arias' acquaintance, for his own schemes.[2]


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