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For the t-Virus creature, see Zombie Dog. For the C-Virus creature, see Zombie Dog C.

These creatures, known simply as Zombie Dogs, were encountered by Leon S. Kennedy, Chris Redfield and Damian in New York, managing to kill the latter swiftly upon release from their containment.[1]


Little is known of their creation, aside from being B.O.W.s created by Glenn Arias via the A-Virus.

These B.O.W.s were kept inside of large vans that guarded A-GUA-G tanker trucks tasked with releasing the Trigger Virus throughout New York. These escort vehicles were to prevent law enforcement or military personnel from halting the A-GUA-G tankers by elimination if necessary. As each vehicle was assigned a deployment team as well as a maximum of two Zombie Dogs.

When Leon S. Kennedy destroyed an A-GUA truck, its guard van was intercepted by Chris Redfield and Damian. After neutralizing the deployment team driving the vehicles, the group noticed a commotion in the back. Damian approached the van to investigate but was swiftly decapitated by the two Zombie Dogs inside. The B.O.W.s then turned to Chris, but Leon took their attention and sped off on his motorcycle, with the dogs in pursuit.

Vendetta - Zombie Dog-A attack

A Zombie Dog decapitating Damian by biting through his neck.

As the dogs kept speed with Leon, he found his way onto a freeway, where he managed to kill one of the pursuing dogs by shooting it as a car ran it over, resulting in a multi-vehicle accident. The second was wounded by gunshot before being pinned by a downed highway sign as Leon tossed a hand grenade, killing it in the explosion.


The A-Virus infected Zombie Dog greatly resembled the t-Virus infected Cerberus and Zombie Dogs. The body of the creature shows signs of decay, causing the muscle tissue and rib cage beneath the outer fur and flesh to be visible, their eyes are also cataract. They are extremely fast (easily chasing a motorcycle on a freeway) and capable of leaping great distances far beyond an average dog's capabilities. This makes it very easy for them to pounce on an enemy to bite them viciously with jaws powerful enough to decapitate prey.

Further Notes[]

  • In an operation order detailing the attack on New York, the Zombie Dogs are categorized as "Class-K" B.O.W.s and specifies only two were to be allowed at maximum capacity in a single escort vehicle.
  • Despite being the creation of A-Virus mutation, the A-Virus Zombie Dog's theme from the soundtrack is titled "Cerberus ". This could imply they were planned to be a derivative series to the main t-Virus line of B.O.W.s of the same name.


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