The Bulletproof Anti-personnel Gear (or A-gears in short) are a new enemy type that the player will encounter in The Ghost Survivors mode.


A-Gears are NEST's security personnel who have been infected with the t-Virus and transformed into a Zombie. While still wearing bulletproof armor, it gives them resistance to most gunfires.

Their weakness are their exposed body parts which will force the player to either inflict sufficient damage to their armored zones to defeat them or by attacking their exposed areas to kill or dismember them. Shooting their armor zones can still stun them.

Their armor provides no protection against explosives or area effect weapons, so a Hand Grenade or GM 79 can dispose of them quickly.

In the 'No Way Out' scenario, the player can also encounter A-gears containing poison smokes inside their bodies, which makes them a one dangerous enemies in the later phases of the minigame.




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