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"Don't hurt him... Don't hurt him... "
— A. Kirkpatrick as he watches a USS team member get slaughtered by a Mutated Birkin.

A. Kirkpatrick was an operator within the Umbrella Security Service and took part in OPERATION: NESTWRECKER. He was a member of the Alpha Team under the command of HUNK, who were sent to retrieve the G-Virus and samples of the t-Virus from Dr William Birkin in the NEST facility.[1]


At 23:45 on 22 September 1998, A. Kirkpatrick and Alpha Team infiltrated Dr Birkin's lab. A standoff quickly occurred which was soon ended after J. Martinez gunned down Birkin after he pulled out a sidearm. Kirkpatrick went to check the pulse of Birkin, only to sigh in annoyance, believing he was dead. He was then ordered by HUNK to pick up the samples and move out.[2] However, Birkin was able to barely survive his wounds, and, following the departure of Alpha Team, he infected himself with a single remaining sample of the G-Virus on his person, leading to his mutation.

Not too long afterwards, the mutated Birkin began to attack the U.S.S. soldiers in NEST. Kirkpatrick along with HUNK and two other U.S.S. operators were able to escape NEST into the sewers to attempt to reach their extraction point. However they were confronted by Birkin, who began to kill them.[1] Kirkpatrick was carrying the case when he was fatally wounded by Birkin and knocked to the ground, then to watch his last teammate be killed. During this, Kirkpatrick had seemed to attempt to close the sample case to stop Birkin from ingesting anymore G-samples but failed.[1]

He soon succumbed to his injuries, with his helmet and gas mask being removed during this time. His body was found by survivors a week later. However, Kirkpatrick had been infected by one of the t-Virus samples which Birkin had destroyed and as such, his body did not actually die and remained zombified in an unconscious state.

Further Notes[]

  • He is most likely the operator who picks up the samples after the confrontation with Birkin, as in a later tape he his seen fatally wounded next to them.[2]
  • If he is sufficiently agitated (I.E. by attacking his corpse or by one of the Zombies nearby tripping over him), he animates as a Zombie and attacks the player.