AI PARTNERS is a file obtainable in Resident Evil Outbreak File #2.


In SINGLE PLAY mode, the other character will be controlled by AI. Your experience playing the game will no doubt differ depending upon how the AI character act.
These AI partners are capable of all the moves that you are. They can move, attack, use items, talk, help, trade items, etc. They can also take damage and die.
It's up to you how you will interact with them. Will you help them when they're in trouble or use them as a shield to cover your own escape. It's entirely up to you, but your acions may have consequences.


AI partners may choose to move with you, or they may wonder off on their own. Their actions may even change based on your own status or progress through the scenario.
APPEAL to AI partners using the right analog stick. Of course, just like real people, they have their own personalities and they may not always be willing to follow orders.
One piece of advice is to wait a few moments before addressing them again if they ignore repeated requests. They could aso be simply be out of earshot. Make sure they are close enough to hear you clearly.
Normally, nearby partners will act on orders given. Use the APPEAL shift function (hold the L2 button while using the right analog stick) to call out characters' names and address order to them specifically.


AI partners are capable of holding items just like you are. You are then able to freely exchange and combine items with them as you see fit.
AI partners use their own judgement to use, equip and reload their own items. Their methods will differ depending on their personalities. Some may use recovery items immediately. Others may wait.
You are able to trade items freely with AI partners. Request items you are interested in by highlighting them and choosing the REQUEST command on the subsequent menu. You may aso PRESENT items to them.
Usually, when offering an item the nearest AI partner will snatch it, but if you use the APPEAL shift feature to call out a specific name first, you are able to choose who will be the recipient of your offer.
AI partners are free to obtain and use items even seperated from you. When you again cross paths, check the status screen to see what they have found. They may just have an important item for you sometimes...
Deciding which items to carry is key to survival. It is up to you to decide which items to hold onto yourself and which is entrust to your partners. Manage your items carefully if you want to stay alive.



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