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"What the hell is this? One of their fancy toys? "
Joe Baker before wearing the gauntlet.

Advanced Multi-purpose Gauntlet (AMG-78) is an exo-cybernetic arm developed by Blue Umbrella.


The Gauntlet is designed to assist in carrying heavy supplies and equipment with little manpower and functions by syncing the nerve impulse of the wearer with the Gauntlet's advanced actuator to generate 50 horse power energy output when charged.[1] Furthermore, the Gauntlet also incorporated a shock-absorb compartment so there is no recoil when punching an object, even when charged.

Joe Baker uncovers one inside a weapon case on his way through dense swamp foliage nearby the quarantined Old House. Once he retrieves it, he blasts down the steel door nearby, takes out the Molded in one shot and uses the weapon to end Jack once and for all.


The AMG-78 is a weapon that can be used in addition to Joe's Bare Fists, but with the left arm receiving a slight damage buff. Additionally, the player can charge up the Gauntlet to three different levels, with the last level being the most devastating hit, able to even one-shot a Fat Molded on Normal Difficulty. The Gauntlet can also harm enemies from a fair distance away at the maximum level.