"The fully-powered AMG-78. Vastly increases the wearer's strength."
— Item description

The AMG-Dual is a weapon that appears on the stage "End of Zoe" of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


The AMG-Dual is obtained by completing the game on difficulty "Joe Must Die". This will appear in the Item box when starting a new game.It acts as an augment to Joe's melee abilities, making him stronger and giving him access to the charge punch and special attack. If the player uses this weapon or has it in his inventory, the extreme challenge counter will go faster.

Both gauntlets are equivalent in power of the standard AMG-78 the player obtains during the events of the game. Both gauntlets may be charged together or separately.  When charged together, there are only two charge levels, however, the power will kill most normal enemies in one hit, even Alligators (at least on normal.) and covers a much wider radius than a single handed punch does. 

Like the other variants of the AMG-78 the player obtains, the punch has a large radius that extends Joe's reach much further and wider. Depending upon the situation and difficulty, this can be good or bad as on Joe Must Die, it will be very easy to accidentally activate nearby explosives. This can be used to trigger tripwire explosives from a safe distance away but caution should be advised if doing this as getting too close by mistake will almost always prove fatal.


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