Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The A Yi Restaurant (Chinese: 阿二飯店) was a large Chinese restaurant in the city of Waiyip, Lanshiang. It was located at the riverside between the Koocheng and Poisawan district.


BSAA agents Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans ran into this restaurant as a Neo Umbrella helicopter destroyed the harbour. They succeeded in downing the helicopter, resulting in it crashing into the restaurant and destroying it.[1] Soon after, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin climbed over the wreckage and were attacked by Ubistvo.[2]

Further notes

The character "阿" indicates a sound as opposed to a word, thus making "阿二" a meaningless phrase from an etymological standpoint.

"阿二" is a nickname meaning "Number 2", likely to be a reference to the real famous chef and his abalone "阿一鮑魚", with the chef's nickname being "阿一" (as in Top 1).


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