A Letter to My Compatriots is a file in Resident Evil Revelations 2.


The file can be read inside the same room where Neil's Candidate List is also found during Episode 3: Judgement.


My fellow visionaries,

The time has finally come. Everything has gone as I said it would. All that remains is for her to hold up her end of the bargain. And then I can finish what we started seven years ago.

Just one little sample is all I need to change the world.

But the world is already changing. And not in a good way. The latest incident in Africa is just proof. This kind of madness will keep repeating itself until nothing is left but tragedy and despair.

The world needs someone to take charge and lead it through these dark times.

Lansdale was right, of course. What he tried to do in Terragrigia...people call him a villain. But he's a hero. He was trying to save us.

I understood that, as do you. I'm will do whatever it takes to realize his vision. He was the only one to see that sacrifices were needed and that something good can be built on them, even if it means dealing with the devil herself to do it.

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