A New Nightmare Begins is the forty-sixth cutscene in Resident Evil 5, playing in "Chapter 6-2". In the Japanese version, it is known as "the nightmare starts moving" (動き出す悪夢 Ugokidasu akumu?).[1] All cutscenes for the game were storyboarded by yU+co. artist, Jerry Bingham.[2]


Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar emerge on the deck of the TRICELL tanker and uncover a pile of corpses, causing Chris to wonder what happened. Suddenly, Excella Gionne emerges from the corpses while making agonized grunts. Chris and Sheva then point their guns at her and demand to know what is going on. Excella then, apparently not noticing the two, asks why and that they had done so much and all for "him." The PA then cracked on with Albert Wesker's voice telling Chris that he's glad to join them. Wesker then tells a shocked Chris that his mission for the BSAA will end very soon, as the Uroboros virus is on the eve of its appearance, while ominously alluding to how a new balance will be birthed from six billion cries of agony after Uroboros is unleashed. Chris then tells Wesker that it won't happen on his watch. Excella then yelled in agony and despair that Albert promised that she and him would change the world together and demanded to know why. Sheva, realizing what Excella is implying, expresses confusion as she thought she and Wesker were partners, before Chris, who had previously been a victim to Wesker's treachery, tells her that Wesker doesn't have any loyalty to anyone but himself. Wesker then tells Chris that even the latter will understand soon, with Wesker then alluding that a brief glimpse into his new world will all that be necessary to have it make perfect sense. As he says this, it then cuts into a dark control room where Wesker was making his speech. Chris then demands that Wesker show himself. Wesker, however, ignores this, and simply tells Chris that unfortunately, it is too late for him, and that he won't live before he "sees the dawn." Wesker then apologizes to Excella, and reveals that she wasn't actually a suitable host for Uroboros after all, though he does credit her to being an excellent asset and gives her one last task. Excella, who is clearly at her limit of her agony, then gives one last agonized cry of "Albert!" before forcefully expelling Uroboros, to Chris and Sheva's shock, while Wesker bade his "friend" farewell. The Uroboros that was expelled from what remained of the former Tricell CEO then proceeds to absorb several of the corpses nearby as Chris and Sheva watch in horror, as it becomes gargantuan.


Chris: "What the hell happened here?"
"What's going on!?"

Excella: "Why...When I've done so much..."
"All for you..."

Wesker (speakers): "Chris! How nice of you to join us."

Chris: "Wesker!"

Wesker: "Don't worry, your mission is at its end."
"Uroboros is on the eve of its appearance!"
"Six billion cries of agony will birth a new balance!"

Chris: "Sorry Wesker, but not on my watch!"

Excella " said we'd change this world together..."

Sheva: "I thought they were partners?"

Chris: "Wesker doesn't give a damn about anybody but himself."

Wesker: "Soon even you will understand, Chris."
"One glimpse of my new world and it will all make perfect sense!"

Chris: "Show yourself!"

Wesker: "Unfortunately, it's too late for you."
"You will not live to see the dawn!"
"Sorry Excella, but it appears Uroboros has rejected you."
"Though you have been an excellent asset. I have one last task for you."

Excella: "Albert!"

Wesker: "Farewell old friend!"

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