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Resident Evil 2 - A Sacrifice to the Hell Fire

"A Sacrifice in the Hellfire"

A Sacrifice in the Hellfire is the title of an oil painting depicting a nude, hanging woman.[1]


The origin of the painting is unknown. It was acquired by Chief Brian Irons who brought it to the Raccoon Police Station on May 10th, 1998. His secretary witnessed its arrival into the precinct, noting how the Chief admired the tasteless painting.[1]

At some point, the painting was hung over the fireplace in the back of the operations conference room, where it remained until being lost in the Raccoon City Destruction Incident.

Resident Evil 2[]

On September 29th, 1998, survivors Leon Scott Kennedy and Claire Redfield discovered the painting. By lighting the fireplace below, a hole burned through the center of the painting, revealing a secret compartment with a Red Jewel resting inside.


Localization Unofficial translation Original script
It's a fire place. An oil painting hangs above it.----

The title is:---- "A Sacrifice to the hell fire."

The fireplace still looks usable. There's an oil painting above it.----

The title reads:---- "A Sacrifice in the Hellfire"


タイトルはこう書かれている---- ”業火の中の生けにえ”


Further notes[]

  • In the localized English script, the figure in the painting is described by Irons' secretary as a "nude person". However, the original Japanese script specifies that is in fact a "nude woman".
  • The title of the painting paired with the puzzle behind it appear to be symbolic of a virgin being sacrificed by fire and her heart being retrieved.