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A Treatment for Sherry is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


In this cutscene, Claire Redfield finds that Annette Birkin has given Sherry Birkin a vaccine for the G-virus. As Annette is dying, NEST's self-destruct system begins to engage, and Annette gives Claire the Upgrade Chip (Admin) so that she can use it to escape NEST and save Sherry's life. Annette dies shortly and after a hurried goodbye, Claire and Sherry leave the room.


Claire Redfield: "Hey!"

Sherry Birkin: "I knew you'd make it. My mom needs help."

Claire: "Annette?"

Annette Birkin: "Sh...Sherry... How are you?"

Sherry: "OK... But you don't look so good.

Claire: "Hey, look at the screen."

Annette: "Oh, thank god."

Claire: "So, Sherry's gonna be alright?"

Annette: "She'll be weak for a little while but...Yes, she's free of the G-virus."

Claire: "Did you hear that?"

Sherry: "What happened to her?"

Claire: "She was attacked by that monster-"

Annette: "Don't...Don't worry about me. Take my safety.
I'm sorry, Sherry...for everything. Your life is what is important now-"

Sherry: "We can't just leave her here!"

Claire: "You're right. We can't-"

Robotic automated voice: "Attention: Unauthorized removal of a [Level 4] virus detected. Facility lockdown initiated. Self-destruct sequence will begin when lockdown is complete."

Claire: "What does that mean?!"

Annette: "It's the...self-destruct code...In case the G-virus leaves the building.
Please...Save my daughter."

Sherry: "No...!"

Claire: "Sherry...Sherry...we gotta say goodbye to your mom. Come on. Please say goodbye. Please Sherry, listen...She loved you, OK? We really gotta get going... Come on."

Sherry: "You were right about this jacket. I'm so lucky to have you."

Claire: "Listen, we can talk more about that later. We gotta hurry now. Come on."

Claire Redfield: 「シェリー!」

Sherry Birkin: 「クレア よかった」

Claire: 「アネット?」

Annette Birkin: 「シェシェリー具合はどう?」

Sherry: 「大丈夫」

Claire: 「大丈夫?」

Annette: 「その    モニターを見せて」
「あぁ よかった」

Claire: 「シェリーは助かる?」

Annette: 「すぐには回復しないけど    ええ    G-ウィルスは消てるわ」

Claire: 「今の聞いた?」

Sherry: 「ママどうしたの?」

Claire: 「あいつに襲われて…」

Annette: 「いいの    私なら心配ない」
「娘を連れていって    お願い」
「ごめんねシェリー    一人にして」

Sherry: 「ママを置いてけない」

Claire: 「置いてかないわ」

Robotic automated voice: 「警告    レベル4ウィルスの不正な持ち出しを検出しました」

Claire: 「どうなってるの?」

Annette: 「自爆…装置が作動したの」
「お願い 娘を助けて」

Sherry: 「イヤ!」

Claire: 「シェリー    ママにさよならして」
「さあ早く    さよならして」
「ねえシェリー    ママはね…」

Sherry: 「お守りってホントね」

Claire: 「その話は後でしましょう急がないと    早く」