A noisy closet is an article in Resident Evil Recollections. It was uploaded on 14 October 2016.


Leon somehow manages to escape from multiple villager attacks, and eventually makes it to an isolated village house.
As he explores the house he hears something making a loud noise from somewhere inside.
He finds a closet in the back, and as soon as he opens it a man with bound hands falls out.

The man complains after Leon unceremoniously rips off the tape covering his mouth, saying “A little rough don't you think?”.

“You're not like them?” says Leon, realizing whatever is wrong with the villagers doesn't seem to be affecting this person.
If they work together perhaps the pair can find out just what is going on in this place...

Still, I can't help but think he was lucky to have been found by Leon and not the villagers.

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