Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Aaron is a minor character in Resident Evil: Vendetta.


Doctor Aaron was Rebecca Chambers' fellow researcher at the university. He was in love with Rebecca and attempted to ask her to go out with him to the Korean restaurant to celebrate his recent successful defence of his PhD thesis, but his shyness prevented him and he instead went to carry on his duties at the Institute on Professor Chamber's behest. After completing the task, he was attacked by Maria Gomez, an assassin working for Glenn Arias as he sought to prevent the development of a vaccine to his new virus, Animality. Maria snapped his neck, however, since he was infected prior to this by the pathogen, Aaron turned into zombie, and attempted to attack Rebecca but after brief fight, she killed him by crushing his head with a fire extinguisher.



Resident Evil: Vendetta Novel Chapter 2



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