Abandoned (見捨てられた男 Misute rareta otoko?) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during the fourth chapter of the Leon Story.


Simmons proceeded to battle both agents aboard the speeding train, believing himself to have the upper hand with his new mutation. However, the two managed to eventually wear him down until he reached a point of vulnerability, particularly under the realization that The Family intended to leave him to die and realize that there's no bringing him back to normal. He attacked in a final attempt to kill Leon and Helena, but a single well-placed shot from Agent Harper caused him to lose his balance and fall under the train. The two abandoned the derailed train cars, leaping into the nearby ocean as they believed Simmons to be finished.


Derek: "You... have no idea... what would happen if I die!"
Leon: "The world would be a better place!"
Family member: "Leave him!"
Derek: "No! How could my Family abandon me!?"
Helena: "Jump!"

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