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This building was a former hospital in the Arklay Mountains, situated near a river with a small suspension bridge that connects it with a forested mountain path.


In 1993, a dummy pharmaceutical company linked to Umbrella provided the hospital with the experimental T-JCCC 203 reagent, which it used in clinical trials on at least two patients, Doug Frost and Dorothy Lester.[1][2] Dorothy was the wife of Al Lester, the hospital director, and was given the drug on his request out of hope it might cure her of her terminal condition. The reagent itself was understood to be part of Umbrella's bio-weapons program.[3]

A police investigation regarding the drug shipments was launched, and while they were found to be accepting illegal imports, Umbrella's meddling in the police department prevented any charges being filed, and it went unreported by the media. Kurt, an investigative journalist, picked up on the rumours of bizarre experimentation; dealings with foreign businesses and suspicious patient deaths. Concerned as to why there was a lack of reporting on these incidents, he began an investigation.[1] He was killed soon after. The hospital was officially closed as a result, though Kurt's death was covered up.[3]

As a result of the Mansion Incident in 1998, the t-Virus was spread into the abandoned hospital. The body of Dorothy, still in storage in the hospital basement, was consumed by a monster plant. The director viewed this as being his wife's reincarnation, dubbing the plant, Dorothy as a result. To keep it nourished, he fed it various animals he had killed in the mountains. Over time, he switched to hunting young campers.[4][5] Dr. Alan Erdot, who was involved in the clinical trials, returned to the hospital in deteriorating mental health, and wrote his confessional letter, expecting to die there.[3]


The hospital is consists of two buildings, a main building with an extension on its west side. All standard hospital rooms are located in the main building. The extension consists of the administrator's office; the intensive care unit and storage rooms.



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