Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

The Abercrombie Salt Mine, formerly known as the Patterson Mine, was a mine in South Dulvey, Louisiana.


The mine suffered a collapse in February 1892, resulting in the deaths of two miners (Tuan and Beckford), with a third (Huxley) left crippled. An older man connected with the mine, Stan, had previously warned the miners that the ground was too unstable to be mined. Tight on funding, the company gave little relief and instead ordered the miners to carry on working as normal with extra shifts to supplement the depleted workforce.

By the beginning of 2015 the mine, long abandoned, was utilised by The Connections who provided Lucas Baker with a serum and set-up a lab within, enlisting Lucas as an agent. Lucas kept in contact with the organization, keeping them up to date on Eveline's condition. Prior to July 2017, the staff of the lab and Lucas created the WM Molded series.

On 1 September Lucas reported that Eveline was rapidly aging and becoming increasingly unstable due to not getting her maintenance chemicals and by the 9th, the lab received a kit to make E-Necrotoxin from HQ. It was to be used if necessary but Eveline had already stabilized herself, albeit now an old woman.

On June 11, 2017, Lucas was made lead researcher of the lab staff and subsequently killed all the other researchers. HQ continued to work with Lucas who covered up the murders.

In the early hours of July 20, 2017, Ethan Winters makes his way into the mine, where he finds a hidden laboratory. Using the lab equipment and the vial Mia gave him, Ethan is able to synthesize a toxin capable of killing Eveline and proceeds through the tunnels, eventually finding his way back to the Guest House.

Having rescued Ethan and Mia, Chris Redfield, working with Blue Umbrella, continues Operation Lurking Fear and proceeds to the mine to find the missing unit and to pursue Lucas, because he could be their only link to The Connections. Chris falls into a trap set by Lucas, who attaches a bomb to him after killing one of his men. Chris continues on and Blue Umbrella gets confirmation of Lucas contacting The Connections. Throughout Chris’ exploration of the mine, he encounters the WM series of Molded, locates the other two missing operatives but Lucas has them both killed by traps, then sets off the timer on Chris’ bomb but with the help of HQ, Chris finds liquid nitrogen to freeze the bomb and disposes of it.

HQ suggests to Chris to check beyond a shield door, where once inside, Lucas locks Chris in and sets it on fire. Believing Chris to have perished and safe from pursuit, Lucas moves to his lab and informs an unknown third party he was going to send the data. Now with the element of surprise, Chris catches up to Lucas who attacks him with a knife, which forces Chris to shoot him and triggers Lucas' mutation into a large monster. Chris manages to kill Lucas for good, and shoots the hard drives to prevent the transfer of Lucas' data to the unidentified buyer.


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