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Abigail is a character in Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. She is among a group of survivors led by Doc in the remnants of Raccoon City, serving as the group's mechanic. She is portrayed by Australian actress and VJ Ruby Rose.


Abigail appears to be one of the few remaining uninfected humans ten years after the global T-virus pandemic. She states that prior to the outbreak, her father owned a chop shop, which she "hated", but that she picked up her skills as a mechanic from him, which later proved very helpful after the outbreak. She is among a group of survivors led by Doc, stationed at a large building in what remains of Raccoon City.

Meeting Alice

Abigail meets Alice, a veteran survivor and enemy of the Umbrella Corporation, at the building's rooftop where she sets up the building's defenses using a window cleaner that she has redone into a crane. They quickly become friends and they share each other's backgrounds. Alice suggests that she use the crane as potential defense weapon.

Fighting Umbrella

As Umbrella's forces, led by Dr. Alexander Isaacs and Commander Chu, advance upon the survivors with an army of Undead, Abigail uses several tools, weapons and traps she invented to fight back and defend the building. Her inventions are pivotal to the group successfully repelling Umbrella's attacks.

Abigail is among the volunteers who join Alice in heading to the Hive to search for an antivirus that would cure the T-virus infection and eliminate all Undead. As they head toward the Hive's entrance, Albert Wesker unleashes a pack of Cerberuses that kill two of their men, but she and the rest of the group manage to reach the Hive's entrance, where the Cerberus suspiciously stop pursuing them.


As the group pushes their way through the Hive, they encounter a large fan. Abigail becomes nervous at the sight of the fan, but Alice assures her that they can make it through. Suddenly, Wesker begins activating the fan and Abigail begins to panic, but Alice manages to pull her out. The group realizes that they are being watched, which prompts Abigail to flip the bird at the security camera. Wesker decides to reverse the fan's polarity, which threatens to suck the survivors in. As the group holds on for their lives, Abigail is pulled off. Alice manages to grab her; however, despite a fierce struggle, Abigail slips out of Alice's hand and is sucked into fan's razor-sharp blades, cutting her to pieces in seconds. After Abigail's death, Wesker cruelly stops the fan, leaving the survivors enraged and traumatized.


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