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Abigail Schwartz is the director of the Carnegie Museum of Art in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania who became involved in a bioterror incident.[1]


Schwartz has been working at the museum for a substantive amount of time prior to the Pittsburgh Incident and was familiar with the inside of the museum

Pittsburgh Bioterror Incident[]

At some point in 2006, Posey was scheduled to work the nightshift prior to the museum's grand opening of its Græco-Roman antiquities exhibit alongside the head of the security guard Jamal Hawkins, José Santiago and an newly employed guard. When José noticed an abnormality with one of the air vents the monitors, Jamal entrusted Posey to investigate, finding an explosive device located in the ventilation shaft which detonated before she could alert him, killing her.

Following Posey's death, Schwartz invited Hawkins, detective of the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police Joseph Pascazzi and USSTRATCOM agent Leon Scott Kennedy into her office where Kennedy discloses to the personnel about the device being used in the bombing incident with its connections to his past case and how several perpetrators from it are still at large. Kennedy theorizes that the bomb was to be set off on the opening day but Monica inadvertently detonates it early by trying to warn Hawkins by radio. Wanting to review the personnel info of the staff after suspecting that the incident is set off with the help of an inside mole, Schwartz allows Kennedy to read them through and directs the trio to the break room.

Sometime after, Kennedy calls Schwartz who he demands to know if employees that were working on the night of the museum's bombing did not show up work the following day. She informs him that Hawkins and Santiago unexpectedly calls in sick much to Kennedy's horror who had heard of an outbreak ocurring in Allegheny medical examiner where Posey's corpse was held. Suspecting that they may be infected with t-virus, Kennedy asks Schwartz to have Hawkins and Santiago checked in the hospital and to call CDC into museum building much to her horror.

Afterwards, Schwartz called Kennedy again to inform him of CDC's arrival and directs him towards the person in charge of the operation Dr. Lee who he asks to send another CDC unit to Willie Stargell Community Center where another bomb has gone off and t-virus outbreak ocurred.