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Readable at the Vestibule's book by default.


About Skills 2

Skills can be acquired and upgraded in the character customization screen (the mannequin) from the Skill Menu. This can be done by using Skill Points, which you earn from leveling up your character. All characters start out with a few skills, but each character has different skill sets.

Unlocking Skills

If the skill icon has a lock on it, this means that your character's level is not high enough for that skill.

Once the character's level reaches the number shown, the skill will be unlocked automatically and be set to level zero. You can now acquire this skill but you cannot yet equip it.

Acquiring Skills

Spend your SP on a level-zero skill in order acquire it and then equip it.

Upgrading Skills

You can upgrade acquired skills be spending more SP on them. Read the skill descriptions to find out more about their upgraded abilities.

Inheriting Skills

Once you use SP on a skill that has already been upgraded to the max, you will be able to pass on that skill to other characters.

Making a skill inheritable makes it available to all characters.

The skill will become available to characters who couldn't previously access it.
The skill level, however, will be set to zero for all characters that inherit it, so you will have to spend SP for them to acquire and upgrade it.

SP Limits

There is no limit to the amount of SP you can acquire.
Even a Lv. 100 character will get SP after
accumulating a set amount of exp.
Ultimately, it is possible to learn, upgrade
or inherit all skills.

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