About the Blue Medallions is a file-type item in Resident Evil 4.


About the blue medallion (re4 danskyl7)

The file location.

The note is found in plain sight tacked on a tree in the Farm area in Chapter 1-1. It glows a distinct blue color, and the first Blue Medallion is hanging from a branch on the same tree.


15 blue medallions...
7 in the Farm... 8 in the cemetery...

For those of you who destroy 10 or more
will be awarded...

(The rest is illegible.)

15個の青コイン・・・ 農場に7個・・・ 墓地に8個・・・

10個以上壊せた者に・・・ 特別な・・・ ・・・を与える。


15-Ko no ao koin... nōjō ni 7-ko... bochi ni 8-ko...
10-Ko ijō kowaseta mono ni... tokubetsuna... ...o ataeru.

(Boroboro de yomenai)


Supposedly left by the Merchant, it describes the locations of the blue medallions and how there is a reward for destroying them. Upon picking the note up, the locations will be marked on the player's map by small blue dots.


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