Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Abraham Jackson was an employee of Umbrella Co. Jackson's official role and extent of influence within the organization is unknown, but it is understood he oversaw the combat trials of test subjects in anti-B.O.W. combat. He is believed to be dead, having disappeared after starting an investigation of the organization's commander.


In March 2012, Abraham Jackson was assigned to oversee the combat trials of 3A7, a man who was required by Umbrella Co. to test experimental anti-B.O.W. weaponry. To gather appropriate combat data, Jackson oversaw a series of deployments to quarantined facilities and settlements containing remnants of prior infestations.

In May 2012, Jackson became involved with Umbrella Co.'s commander, who's identity was classified even to employees. Abraham spoke of the commander's knowledge of certain testing locations, claiming it was like they'd been there when everything occurred. Following the commander's manipulation of Jackson's experiment parameters, he began an investigation of the individual in mid-June. Abraham Jackson disappeared immediately after. Following his disappearance, colleague Beatrice Bertrand took over 3A7's combat testing the following month.


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