Acid Rounds are a common ammunition type used for Grenade Launcher weapons. Filled with a sulphuric acid, they generally have a yellow nose. Often, one of the more powerful grenades available to the player. Zombies will often melt altogether when shot with acid grenades, and Hunters are especially vulnerable to the rounds. In Resident Evil 5, they do not kill an enemy instantly, but generally stuns them and causes them to collapse. These are best used when surrounded. They are also effective against Lickers; One directly-hit round makes them vulnerable to an instant-kill heart stab. This will unlock the "Heart Stopper" achievement/trophy.


Display name Game Icon Examine Max rounds per space
Acid Grenades Resident Evil 0 Round2-RE0 "These grenades are filled with highly-concentrated sulfuric acid."
Acid Shells Resident Evil Round3Round3-REmake
Acid Rounds Resident Evil 2 Acidrounds
Acid Rounds Resident Evil 3: Nemesis Acidrounds
Acid Rounds Resident Evil CODE:Veronica Acidrounds-0 "A special bullet filled with sulfuric acid."
Acid Rounds Resident Evil: Survivor Survivor 1 Acid Rounds "Grenade Acid Rounds These can be used with the M79 Grenade Launcher."
Acid Rounds Resident Evil Outbreak Round3-Outbreak

Acid Rounds

Resident Evil 5 Round3-RE5 "Large shells for use with the grenade launcher. Filled with a highly concentrated sulfuric acid." 12
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