Ada's Demise? is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. Is is played during Chapter 4 of the "Chris Story".


Carla was finally confronted by Chris and Piers. She taunted Chris repeatedly with the death of his men in both Edonia and again in China, angering him to the point of taking a shot at her. The shot was just enough to knock the needle gun out of her hand, and Chris prepared to take her into custody in the name of justice. However, Carla informed them of her plans of how the aircraft carrier they were on was preparing to launch missiles containing the C-Virus to contaminate the world. She revealed her plan; to spread the C-Virus all over the world and recreate the Raccoon City Incident on a global scale. Chris' plan to take her in was cut short as a helicopter rose behind Carla, and a member of The Family took a single shot at her, piercing her through the chest. Even with her injury, she was satisfied as her plan had already been set in motion. With that thought, she stepped back off the edge of the top of the aircraft carrier and fell to her death below. Examining her briefcase, Piers discovered a modified strain of the C-Virus which was kept for the purposes of vaccine research. Chris report to HQ that he need a report on the missing vessels with ASAP, but tires to warn them about the terrorist assault was only a diversion and the real attack will spread the virus globally. The HQ has already hang up as it's too late. Piers ask him, for what's their next action. Chris then replies that they can go check the rear hanger for the plane to stop the missiles and now they proceed to the elevator.


Carla: "Still haven't had enough, huh? Even after losing all your men – again? With your track record I gotta say, I'd hate to be a member of your team, Chris."
Piers: "Don't listen to her, Captain!"
Carla: "But where are my manners? I mean, really, I should be thanking your men... for being such good test subjects."
Chris: "Ever since Edonia, all I wanted is to see you dead. But this is not about vengeance, it's about justice. It's over, Ada."
Carla: "You're right, it is. The aircraft carrier is preparing for launch."
Chris: "Launch?"
Carla: "And the dead will flood the streets."
"Déjà vu, boys – Raccoon revisited. But this time, it won't just be one city. It'll be the whole world!"
"[To Family members] You got me. Well played. [To Chris and Piers] But no one can stop it now..."
Piers: "Damn it! What the hell just happened!? This looks like a different strain. There are two missing."
Chris: "Just take what's left. We'll bring it back HQ for analysis. This is Alpha Leader! I need a report on the missing vessels, ASAP!"
BSAA HQ: "The city has been compromised, and we've lost contact with all local assets. We need more time."
Chris: "We don't have it! The terrorist assault was just a diversion! The real attack will spread the virus globally!"
Piers: "Now what?"
Chris: "Let's check the rear hangar. There have gotta be some planes back there."
Piers: "Yes, sir!"

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