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The Hookshot ( Fukkushotto / フックショット or simply referred to as the Grapple Gun in some English releases) is a tool Ada Wong has used numerous times throughout Resident Evil history. Carla Radames in Resident Evil 6, also uses a similar replica.

The Hookshot is held like a gun and shoots a grapple hook attached to a zip-line that allows Ada to propel herself to any desired locations. So far, the Hookshot remains as a contextual part of game-play in the game series.


Ada Wong first acquires the Hookshot in 1998 during the Raccoon City Incident. Albert Wesker was prepared to let Ada perish for betraying their organization by helping Leon. However, after Ada shows him via video call that she has recovered a sample of Birkin's tissue containing the G-Virus, he changes his mind. He gives Ada the means to survive by informing her of the city's soon destruction and a departing helicopter containing an Umbrella officer would be the only way to escape. He then presses buttons on an off-screen computer that opens up a locked case near Ada revealing the Hookshot. Ada then uses this to navigate through the city and to hitch a ride onto the helicopter had mentioned. She would keep the Hookshot for all her following missions.

In 2004, Ada keeps the Hookshot to aid her in her mission to retrieve the Plaga sample. For example, Ada uses it to suspend herself as she shoots Bitores Méndez through a window in the back as he attacks Leon, and again she used it in her duel with the mutated Jack Krauser.

In 2011, Ada uses her Hookshot again. Notably to escape a confrontation with Leon as she has done multiple times in the past already.

In 2013, Ada still uses her Hookshot during her investigations. The Hookshot helps her escape a sinking sub. The Hookshot also helps her in exploring the basements of Tall Oaks Cathedral, her escape and fight with the Ubistvo.

Carla Radames also has a hookshot that is identical to Ada's. She used it multiple times during the 2012 Marhawa School incident. She also utilized it to escape from the BSAA members chasing her.


  • The Hookshot first appears in Resident Evil 4. While playing as Ada in Separate Ways, the Hookshot is used a contextual command for Ada to navigate areas of the map given as "HOOK SHOT" in the Japanese Version and as "Grapple Gun" in the English version in red letters, or in green letters to move through load screens.
  • There is a left over in Resident Evil 4, indicating the Hookshot was to be used in game out of contextual manners, wheather as a gun or melee weapon remains unknown, but its more likely the latter.
  • The Hookshot then appears in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles during the Death's Door scenario. It is revealed that it was given to her as a "gift" by Albert Wesker in order to help her escape with the G-virus sample. This scenario shows how Ada first acquires the Hookshot.
  • Her Hookshot is featured again in the CGI movie Resident Evil: Damnation.
  • The Hookshot appears again in Resident Evil 6 used by Ada and Carla. It also has a related Dog Tag Title "Not an Acrobat" is earned by using it during gameplay, there is an unused alternate version in the files with dark texture and different looking model.
  • The Hookshot appears in the live action movie Resident Evil: Retribution, where Ada give to Alice in order to escape brainwashed Jill, Umbrella's clones, and soldiers.
  • The "Hook Shot" appeared in Ada's assist move in Puzzle Fighter.