Ads's Report 3 is a file that can be unlocked by completing Chapter 3 of Separate Ways, the Resident Evil 4 sidestory.


Jack Krauser has been the subject of extensive study and research by the organization. His skills and personality have been tested both on and off the battlefield. If he weren't the best, he would become a liability that would jeopardize the rest of us.

My conclusion? He's a great soldier. No more. No less. As long as he's well compensated, he shouldn't cause any problems for us. If he does start to get restless, I can take care of him. I've studied his combat style and can deal with that arm of his if necessary.

Krauser answers directly to Wesker, and it was Wesker who decided that Krauser should be sent to spy on the cult. He also decided to send me along. I wonder if it wasn't to keep an eye on Krauser.

No doubt Krauser has already fallen to the temptation of Las Plagas and the power they represent. This could have dire consequences for the organization. On some level, however, this may be a necessary development, as his role is to disrupt this farce of a play.

That said, the stage and its players will ultimately come crashing down in the end. Bad luck for him, but he'll play the patsy in the end and take the fall for all of us. That's why I need to make sure things keep going exactly
as they are.






Jack Krauser... the "organization" conducted thorough background checks on this man.
His personality and capabilities in carrying out military operations were checked for no issues. If he merely possessed halfway skills, he would jeopardize the rest of us.

In conclusion, he's an excellent mercenary.
He serves no more nor less as long as sufficient "compensation" is promised.
I understand his behavior patterns temporarily showed threatening movement to some extent.

Wesker hands down all instructions for this operation directly.
It was also Wesker who ordered Krauser to infiltrate the cult as a spy in order to obtain the "sample", and also opted for a united front with me. This was probably for the implication of monitoring each other.

Krauser's already in the cult and has probably fallen to the charm of the Plaga and its symbol of "power."
As a result, I also predict he'll become a presence which may soon harm us, the "organization."
But in a sense, this may be a necessary development. I'm using him to play the essential role of "disrupting the stage."

Since the stage itself is destined to be destroyed and erased sooner or later...
But unluckily for him, that must be hidden from him in order to achieve my objective and keep things going as they are.


The file focuses on Jack Krauser.

In the localization, when doing threat assessment on Krauser, Ada commented that she can deal with "that arm of his" if necessary, which created the implication that Krauser's mutated arm had existed prior to his indoctrination into Los Illuminados. In the Japanese version, she simply commented that Krauser has shown indications of being a threat to the organization.


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