Ada's Trap is a cutscene in Resident Evil 6. It is played at the end of Chris Chapter 2.


Alpha Team makes its way into a room, having followed the advice of a woman calling herself Ada Wong. Once all are inside, Piers Nivans notices that the woman has disappeared.

  • Piers Nivans: "The Woman. She's gone! Finn!"

Piers gives Finn Macauley the order to check the room to find where Ada went.

  • Finn Macauley: "I... I don't know what happened. She was here a second ago."

A set of spikes appear from the ceiling and drop down to fence-off the room. Chris and Piers are separated from their team. Finn and the others run to the door, which locks down and leaves them stranded. While struggling to remove the barrier, the woman walks down the corridor to the chamber door.

  • Chris Redfield: "Ada."

Chris and the others aim their assault rifle at the woman.

  • "Ada Wong": "Thanks for the escort. Here's something to remember me by."

The woman takes out a bizarre device and throws it into the room. The ball breaks apart, shooting needles at the enclosed members of Alpha team. They drop to the ground in pain as she walks away.

  • Chris Redfield: "No... No, goddamnit, NO!"

As his men begin to feel the effects of a C-Virus infection and starts forming chrysalids, Chris struggles to break open the barricade in an attempt to save them. One of the men spontaneously combusts.

  • Chris Redfield: "Finn, hang in there!... Not like this."

Another two members of Alpha team spontaneously combusts, leaving only Finn left. He struggles to Chris while being ever-emerged in the chrysalid.

  • Chris Redfield: "No, goddamnit! Finn!"

Chris stretches his arms out to Finn, who returns the action. However, the chrysalization completes just short of their hands touching, leaving Finn's body frozen in that position. Kneeling down to cope with loosing such a young recruit, Finn's chysalid explodes as a Complete Mutant climbs out.

  • Piers Nivans: "Captain, we've gotta move."

The other soldiers-turned-monsters climb out of their chrysalids and turn to Chris and Piers. The barricade opens.

  • Piers Nivans: "Now! We[sic] gotta go."

Aiming his weapon at the former-Finn but unable to shoot, Chris is grabbed and repeatedly-smashed into the wall. He is then kicked by Finn to the ground, suffering head trauma in the fall.

  • Piers Nivans: "Chris!"

Piers comes to his Captain's aid and fires at Finn one-handed, dragging away the unconcious Chris with the other.



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