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Ada Chapter 1 is the opening chapter to Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. Receiving a message from someone who claims to be Derek C. Simmons, Ada breaks into a mysterious submarine where she finds information about Jake Muller — and herself.


Ada Wong is a renown agent in the criminal underworld. During a mission, she finds a cube-shaped glass phone ringing on a desk. Answering the call, she finds Derek C. Simmons, the American National Security Advisor, on the other side. He offers her a mission to a submarine, but she refuses in spite of his ominous remarks.

Curiosity piqued, Ada goes ahead and dives down to the submarine. There she receives another call, with Simmons revealing its security system has been set up match her fingerprints, then claiming to have more than just her fingerprints on file. The submarine is controlled by mutant humans rather than a US Navy crew. Ada finds information regarding a mission she was given six months earlier to capture Jake Muller in Edonia. However, she never took part in that mission and does not recall ever being offered it. She presumes someone else did the mission in her place.

Forced to evacuate the submarine as it begins sinking, Ada receives another message, suggesting the mission from six months ago is part of a larger puzzle, and how Neo Umbrella will launch bioterror attacks in the US and then China. China decides to investigate Simmons directly, and escapes within a torpedo.


Chapter 1-1: Submarine Interior

  • You start in a room for diving, but there is nothing here of value. Open the next door.
  • At the end of this corridor is a flight of steps taking you to a junction. A Neo Umbrella J'avo is guarding a laser grid. Walking behind him and performing a special attack move will kill him without alerting the others. If any J'avo sees Ada, they will get the others' attention, and one will activate an Alarm which brings out more troops.
  • Ada cannot walk through the laser grid, though the J'avo can. To get past this area, head down through the area marked "Bunk Room", and then climb under an opening.
  • Another J'avo guards the next corridor. After dealing with him, another laser grid will block your way. Take a left into a small room, then under the hole into a recreation room.
  • Returning to the corridor, there will be a slight curve in the path, and it lead to another laser grid.
  • Take a right into the room with machinery. Behind a fence is a drop in the floor. Jump down and go under the hole to get past the laser grid.
  • Jump down the ladder marked "Armory".
  • Due to a broken ladder, this room leads to a dead-end. A prompt will let you use the hookshot to jump up one level to another door.
  • If you sounded the alarm on the floor above, it will not matter here, and J'avo patrols will continue as normal. One J'avo patrols the corridor just out of the room. He can be taken out when he turns around and heads back.
  • At the end of the corridor is a staircase. A J'avo patrols the top and bottom. If seen, he can quickly be killed without alerting the others.
  • At the next corner are steps heading down, with three J'avo patrolling. Killing them quickly will not sound an alarm.
  • Down another flight of steps is a corridor continuing the path to the Armory. A brief cutscene will point out where another alarm is. If you are seen, kill the J'avo before any get to the button.
  • After the alarm room is a corridor leading round the corner to more steps to a bunk. No J'avo are patrolling this section. Just up the steps in the bunk room is a Medallion.
  • After the bunk room is a larger room with a hatch leading into a ventilation room. Jump down it. It leads to a rat-infested chamber. There are no doors, but there is a tube to crawl through.
  • Jumping out the other side takes Ada to a private room with a large painting in, basking in light. A complex puzzle lock prevents you opening the door, and gives you an electric shock if you input the wrong code. You must carefully solve the puzzle
    • First examine the door so Ada recognises she has to do the puzzle.
    • Go round the corner and examine the wall behind the deer head. It has a display showing the painting, as seen by the deer's eyes which are cameras. The picture is blocked by the antlers.
    • Head to the deer head and press the button on the cabinet beneath it. This will rotate the antlers.
    • Look again through the display. The painting will slowly change to show the layer beneath. An eagle in the middle of the painting disappears along with the woman dancing in the lake. The trees will die, and the sun turn to the moon. The cloth the woman is swinging around will turn into a snake.
    • Finally, you can solve the puzzle by putting in the right code in the small cabinets around the room. The two cabinets on either side of the painting do the first two codes; the two cabinets on the other side of the room do the third and fourth. The painting should have the snake's head on the right, with its mouth open.
  • After solving the puzzle, you will end up in a corridor with neon white circles on the floor. Standing on these will turn them red, and trigger wall-mounted machine guns to fire. They can be used to kill J'avo without using ammunition.
  • At the end of the twisting corridor is a door sealed by a fingerprint scanner. As your fingerprints are on file, press the action button to use the device. This takes you to a projector room. Press the action button to turn on the projector in order to advance further.
  • When the projector film is finished, J'avo will invade the room. Head back up the corridor you came and through a large door that was locked before.
  • A number of J'avo will be defending this new room. Crates block off from getting to the other doors, but you can use the Action button to climb a pile and get through another ventilation tunnel.
  • You will now be in a warehouse which is on two levels. Jump down to the lower level to face the J'avo. There are three more neon rings in the area that can be used to fight the J'avo. At the end of the room is a passageway to the Engine Room, which requires using the fingerprint scanner to get through.

Chapter 1-2: Submarine - Reactor

  • Ada has decided the submarine is no longer worth staying on and wants to go to the escape sub. Continue on through the hatch to the Engine Room.
  • This room cannot be fully explored. Jump down the hatch to the maintenance room and down a corridor to the next ladder back up.
  • This section of the engine room is full of J'avo. When killed, one of them will destroy fuel canisters and cause an explosion so large the hull is ruptured. Press the Action button to escape up the next level from the water to the Control Room.
  • Head through the next two hatches to turn back to the Engine Room. When on the walkway, jump over the gap and head along until prompted to use the hookshot again.
  • The next walkway collapses. Climb it up to get back up. This walkway also collapses. Carry on until you get to the door leading to the "Escape Pod" room.
  • Down a winding corridor is an elevator. Rather than use the elevator, the Action button will have Ada use the hookshot to get to the top. Down the next corridor, you will get a prompt to do this again.
  • You are back in the warehouse. The submarine will start to tilt downwards, sending crates falling towards you. As the submarine tilts further you will have to crawl up. When you get to the top, you will fall, and end up back at the bottom.
  • Head through the corridor, which is now on its side. When you use the Action button to get 'up' a corridor, water will come rushing in. You will be forced to climb metal frames like ladders to get up, and jump over corridor junctions.
  • Going through a ventilation room, you will spot a valve that needs to be turned, but a fence is in the way. Shoot at the lock (which is shining) to break the fence open, and run to the valve. This will open up a vent that was previously blocked by water.
  • On the other side of the vent, use the Action button to jump up a level with the Hookshot. Water will start rushing up again as you get to a ladder. Keep climbing upwards, and find the next ladder to beat the water. At the top, jump over some crates to get to the staircase. At the top, use the Action button to hookshot through a door.

Chapter 1-3: Submarine - Torpedo Room

  • Run down the flooded corridor to the bottom. Here you are introduced to the Ada Story's first Complete Mutant: Gnezdo. You can use another ladder to get up two levels, taking you to the torpedo and fire control room.
  • Examine the console - your new mission is to restore power.
  • You will be forced to jump down another corridor to an area full of Gnezdo. Despite the maze-like state of this section, there is no way to get to the power console without jumping into the water.
  • After power is restored, head back underwater and find your way to an area blocked off from the rest. On the surface, a door can be broken open the hookshot used to get back to the torpedo room by jumping through a vent.
  • Going near the torpedo controls triggers water to flood the room. The submarine's computer declares that the submarine is closing in on its pressure threshold, a depth of 2,500 ft. Pressing the controls triggers a 'conversation' between Ada and a recorded message of a woman with the same voice as her. You must approach the console to give your answer via microphone; responding anywhere else will cause the computer to ask you to approach the mic. During these questions, J'avo will storm the room, who may turn into more Gnezdo.
  • When the lock is released, press the action button to escape via hookshot, which ends the level.




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