Ada Chapter 2 is a chapter of Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. As she joins the pieces of the puzzle and discovers the existence of Carla Radames, Ada is challenged by her into joining the fight in Lanshiang and trying to stop her plans — or failing and being blamed by the world for Carla's crimes.


Ada arrives in Tall Oaks, just after 90% of the population has been infected. Looking at the chaos from the roof of the cathedral, Ada spots the secret door to Simmons' lab in the cemetery. To her surprise, Ada spots Leon and his situational partner Helena Harper entering the courtyard. Ada hopes Leon has the stomach for Simmons' plans. Searching the underground catacombs and the cemetery, Ada gets past numerous traps and puzzles meant to keep intruders out. Along the way, she acquires the Simmons Family Ring, which allows access to areas off limits to anyone outside of the SImmons' family tree.

Once back underground, Ada hears a yell of pain. She looks over a balcony to see Helena's sister Deborah, burst into flames and become encased in a cocoon like the J'avo. Leon tries stopping Helena from reaching out to the thing coming out of the cocoon, but Ada fires an arrow into the mutant's head before it can do anything. Revealing herself to Leon, Ada notes he looks like he saw a ghost. When questioned as what is going on, Ada tells him it's not the time or place as the walkways are collapsing and the only way out is on the lower levels.

Deborah revives, destroying the floor beneath them, and plunging them into a maze of walkways. Ada gives the ring to Leon, telling him it will make sense later. Deborah attacks them again, forcing the trio to fight back. Damaging her spider-like appendages causes Deborah to knock them into another lower level. Forced to team up with Helena, Ada boards a mining cart elevator with her, helping keep zombies away from Leon as he races to meet up with them. Once reunited, they ride the cart towards the exit, fighting Deborah along the way. However, the cart eventually falls off the tracks. Ada is saved by Leon, and both of them fire on Deborah to keep Helena safe. Promising to avenge her sister, Helena lets Deborah fall into the abyss below.

Upon hearing Simmons blackmailed Helena by threatening Deborah's life, Ada notes it's something he would do. When Leon asks why, Ada explains that the people who really run America are responsible for the destruction of Tall Oaks, along with the death of Adam Benfordl; if they don't play their hands fight against the Family, it will spell the end of them. Hearing her PDA ringing, Ada grapples to the next level. She answers, and Simmons tells her to head to the lab to see something interesting.

Taking an elevator to the lab, Ada finds the zombies that Leon and Helena didn't kill. Taking them out, along with tons of Napad, Ada reaches the lab. To her confusion, she sees a tape labelled "Happy Birthday, Ada Wong". Playing the tape, Ada sees what looks like her emerging from a cocoon. Seeing Simmons' ring at the end of the film, Ada is once more contacted by him. However, Ada then reveals she figured out that the Simmons talking to hear is just an image used by her doppleganger; Simmons would never have revealed all of this to her. Her copy is behind the Neo Umbrella terrorist organization, and she wants to destroy the world that Simmons and the Family wished to sustain.

Sneering, her doppleganger tells Ada that the world will blame Ada Wong for the chaos, while she gets away scot free. Annoyed, Ada leaves a bomb behind to destroy the evidence of her being cloned, while calling Simmons. After informing him of the copy's plans, Ada decides to head to the next bio-terrorism site that her clone told her about: China.


Chapter 2-1: Forest Cemetery

Ada Chapter 2 Serpent Emblem 1

Ada plunges into the underground at the very start of the level, but remember to pick up the Serpent Emblem on the way.

  • You start on the roof of Tall Oaks Cathedral, but will quickly hookshot down to the cemetery. A gravestone will be out of place, revealing you can jump down into an underground corridor leading to a waterway.
  • Continue down to a chest. Ada will examine it and suggest shooting it. Inside is "Simmons Family Crest Piece A". Picking it up will temporarily lock the room, forcing you to find Zombies.
  • After this room is another waterway. This leads nowhere, however. Instead, use the hookshot to get up a hole in the ceiling. On the upper level, climb a ladder to get back to the surface.
  • You reach the surface in front of a decorated crypt. Examining it reveals it won't open until you place in all crest pieces. Inserting Piece A opens another crypt.
  • Go down the ladder into another underground section. This leads you to a three-story chamber. The first room is for storing body bags. Two metal doors are sealed, and a lever does nothing. Head up the steps. You will find a bridge held up by a lock you can shoot.
  • Cross the bridge and open up the box to get the Amber Key. It opens up the metal door with the green glowing light on. Ada notes that the box has a green light on it, indicating a connection.
  • This next room appears to be an execution chamber, with a platform containing a rope, which a lever can drop when pushed. There are a number of bodies hanging from ropes out of four manholes, their heads wrapped in sacks. Shooting them free may reward you with ammunition, and they will be replaced constantly. To access the pit, move the lever to the right so that a body, when shot down, keeps it lowered.
  • In the pite you will find a crate with a purple light on. Rather than having the key to the purple room in the execution chamber, you are instead awarded the Simmons Family Crest Piece B. This room is sealed by an electronic door, which requires you to complete a circuit to open. Two metal chairs with bodies on must be moved to complete this circuit. Pushing them in place reveal both people to be Zombies. When both are put in their place, more Zombies will enter the room. Killing them on top of the right spot will have their body complete the circuit.
  • Head out the room and up the ladder. You are now back in the first room with the body bags. Since power has been restored, the lever now works.
  • Pulling the lever not only opens the metal gate, but sends out Zombies in Late Medieval armour. Jumping onto the platform risks it opening up as one large trap door.

Chapter 2-2: Altar Corridor

Chapter 2-3: Underground Lab


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