Ada Chapter 4 is a chapter of Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. Tailing Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, Ada breaks into Carla's aircraft carrier, where she expects to find herself face to face with her evil twin — buried within the carrier, however, there are more secrets than she could imagine.


Sneaking on board the aircraft carrier, Ada sneaks past Neo-Umbrella J'avo and their B.O.W.s. She soon hears her doppleganger over the speakers, telling Simmons that he's getting a taste of his own medicine; soon The Family's stabilized world order will be shattered by Neo-Umbrella's plans.

Heading further into the ship, Ada comes across Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, who have mistaken her for the clone. Managing to put some distance between them, Ada sticks to sneaking around in the vents to avoid them; the duo is kept occupied by the J'avo forces. This eventually leads her to an office with a suspicious-looking case.

Opening the case, Ada finds a chip full of data on Simmons experiments, and a key to a lab at the Quad Tower. Finding a recorder, Ada turns it on, hearing Simmons's voice yelling at his researchers for failing to create a clone of her. Continuing to listen, Ada flips through a folder with information about Project Ada, seeing that Simmons used the C-Virus's creator Carla Radames to finally create a clone of Ada. Ada quips "Now I understand"; Carla was angry with Simmons for ruining her life for his selfish desires and planned to destroy everything he and The Family built as revenge. Hearing a gunshot, Ada races out to the balcony, where she sees Carla falling to the deck of the aircraft carrier. Taking the elevator down, Ada overhears the BSAA radio chatter about stopping a missile fired at Tatchi.

Approaching Carla's corpse, Ada sadly tells her clone that she understood her desire for revenge, but it was her conscience that stopped her; why else would have Carla brought the real Ada in on this mess? Pitying her, Ada says that she would have helped if Carla if she focused on just Simmons. To Ada's shock, Carla awakens, and starts oozing white slime. Avoiding some slime Carla spat her, Ada listens to Carla claims to be the real Ada Wong and that her plans are thriving. Ada watches in shock as the slime starts swallowing Carla and some of the ship. Declaring that Hell will rise, Carla falls into the slime, making Ada think she died. However, Carla's echoing voice declares she will be queen of the new world of chaos, as the white slime rushes at Ada. Ada shuts herself behind a door, blocking the slime. Telling Carla she's nothing more than a cheap knockoff, Ada wishes for her to rest in peace.

Realizing Carla gave herself a powerful dose of C-Virus, Ada heads into the ship to find a vessel off of it; however, she finds Carla's slime form following her. Worse, Carla Spores emerge from the slime, attempting to kill her. Avoiding them, Ada manages to find an elevator; however, Carla once more blocks her path, with her consciousness manifesting as a face blocking the way. Ada sends a Pipe Bomb at Nitrogen canisters behind Carla. They explode, freezing and shattering Carla. Hoping this was what Carla wanted, Ada escapes to helicopter. Seeing the BSAA duo leave in a jet, Ada wishes them luck as she heads to the Quad Tower to clean up the rest of the mess created by Simmons and Carla.


Ada: ?

Ada: Really? Three separate passcodes?
Can't get in without three passcodes.
If trying to open a locked door
Ada: It's locked from the other side.
Ada: Last one. Almost too easy.

Encountering another Rasklapanje
Ada: Urgh. Can't a girl get two seconds to herself around here?

Carla: Can you feel it spreading through your body yet?
I'm just giving you exactly what you gave me, Simmons.

Ada: Oh, there's my evil twin.

Ada: チェックメイトよ


If trying to open a locked door
Ada: 裏から ロックされてる…
これで3つのコードが そろったわね

Encountering another Rasklapanje
Ada: パケモノの入場はお断り

Carla: 聞こえてる?プレゼントは気に入ってもらえたかしら?
あなたが 私にくれたものそっくり お返しするわ

Ada: この声は…


Chapter 4-1: Aircraft Carrier - Forward Hanger

Chapter 4-2: Aircraft Carrier - Bridge

Chapter 4-3: Aircraft Carrier Interior

Further notes

  • Ada overhears Declaration of Victory at the same time as Chris and Piers. She cannot access the elevator until Carla is done talking.
  • Ada gets a Game Over if she is caught by Chris or knocked out of the vents.
  • When Ada kills the J'avo for the key codes, their bodies burn away. In Chris' Story, corpses are found next to the codes.


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