Ada Chapter 5 is the final chapter of Ada Story in Resident Evil 6. Having escaped the carrier, Ada decides to kill Simmons as a personal revenge, then head to Carla Radames's secret laboratory — where Ada intends to end this once and for all.


Flying into the city, now engulfed in C-Virus gas, Ada spots Leon and Helena surrounded by zombies. She provided cover for the two while heading to the Quad Tower, where the last of Carla's J'avo army attacked her.

Ada arrives at the Quad Tower, only to find Simmons mutated into a monstrous dinosaur-shaped beast. Ada once again provides help from her chopper to Leon and Helena, who were already there to fight Simmons. After a tense battle with Simmons, Ada heads to the Quad Tower roof. Here, the complete data set on Ada and her clone is housed. Ada decides that this information must be purged. Simmons, though, is not finished and launches another attack as a mutated centaur he had been in his earlier encounter. With the help of Leon and Helena, Ada manages to defeat Simmons for good, throwing Simmons down to a burning debris, and escapes with her grapple gun.

Though the building is unstable, Ada makes her way into the Quad Tower laboratory and uncovers Carla's myriad notes and research, but most importantly, she finds Carla's greatest work: a single cocoon housed in a glass chamber. Without pity or remorse, Ada unleashes a barrage of fire into the equipment, destroying all of Carla's equipment along with her "Greatest Work Yet".

As she is leaving, Ada receives a call from someone. She answers the call happily, believing it's time to do another job.


Chapter 5-1: High-Rise Area

Chapter 5-2: Quad Tower Entrance

Chapter 5-3: Quad Tower Roof

Chapter 5-4: Quad Tower


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