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Ada Wong (エイダ・ウォン Eida Won?) is the pseudonym of an enigmatic unnamed spy of Asian-American descent. She has gained notoriety in the corporate world for being able to handle serious situations and the most difficult requests without guilt.

Wong has acted secretly in the background of many biohazard incidents and collected information which became useful to several organisations, while at the same time operating to undermine them. However, Wong follows only her own "true purpose" and has often betrayed the organisations and customers she is affiliated with to achieve it.


Early life[]

Wong's personal life is a complete mystery. Her ethnicity and nationality are left unconfirmed, and when and where she was born are also unknown, not to mention her birth date.[9][excerpt 2]

According to one account by Wong herself, she was born around 1974 to a wealthy Chinese-Vietnamese family in the Chợ Lớn district of Saigon in the final months of the Vietnam War. In the aftermath of the Fall of Saigon, persecution of the Hoa became commonplace due to class division. When she was three years old, Wong's family sold off what remained of their assets to human traffickers in order to escape to the United States, but they were ultimately cheated and arrived with no money to survive on. However, the validity of this account is questionable as Wong would later remark on this story as being fabricated to test Leon S. Kennedy's gullibility.[10]

Early intelligence career[]

As a young adult, Wong became linked to several international criminal organizations and participated in missions both domestically and abroad. During one of her missions, Wong was given the task of operating within a pool of undocumented migrant workers living out of a dilapidated pigsty and spreading highly toxic pesticides on a potato farm as part of the group. Many workers died and the remaining laborers were forced to bury the corpses by hand.[11]

In the mid-1990s, Wong had gained an advantageous position within a Chinese American crime gang. This organization enjoyed an explosive success for their ruthless elimination of their competition, but the resulting power vacuum quickly drew the attention of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who shut down their operations and once again left Wong on the run.[11]

Seeing her potential arrest by the authorities as a "waste of talent", Wong was then approached by Albert Wesker, who sought to recruit her to a powerful bioweapons corporation known as "the Organization" which had been on the lookout for top-quality espionage agents, particularly in their rivalry with the powerful international conglomerate: Umbrella Corporation.[11] The Organization initially questioned Wong's loyalty due to her duplicitous nature and refusal to reveal her true identity, but with Wesker's endorsement had come to the conclusion that she would be an ideal fit for the job.[12] Around the same time, Wong made an influential connection in the form of Derek C. Simmons, a member of the secret fraternity The Family, who abused his position as a high-ranking government official to cement his political agenda. Wong accepted several freelance missions on his behalf, however their working relationship quickly became complicated as Simmons developed obsessive tendencies towards her.[13]

Infiltration of Umbrella[]

John Clemens & Ada Wong artwork

Wong with John Clemens.

Around 1997, Wong was assigned the mission of infiltrating the Arklay Laboratory, an Umbrella USA facility deeply connected to the development of illegal bioweapons. With fake credentials, she was able to gain employment and soon developed a romantic relationship with Dr. John Clemens, the facility's chief researcher as a means of obtaining classified information that would aid the rival organization. Clemens was committed to their relationship, going as far as recording his username and password at the lab as "John" and "Ada".[14] and a letter written at the time of his death suggest Wong was present during the May 1998 t-Virus outbreak; if so, she was able to escape undetected as the facility's U.S.S. guards had orders to execute those attempting to do so.[15]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)[]

"If the T-virus did this. What would happen if the G-virus got out?."
— Ada reflecting the destructive nature of the T-virus and potential threat that the new virus could cause.[16]

In September 1998, the organization shifted focused on obtaining a sample of Dr. William Birkin's experimental Golgotha Virus while Umbrella were still at their most vulnerable. Wong and another agent were sent into the city to recover this virus. The mission headed by Wesker, himself a former Umbrella researcher who was now in debt to the organization.[11] Another man, a freelance investigative journalist named Ben Bertolucci, was flagged as having potential information on the virus and the NEST laboratory engineering it. His investigation of the city had drawn the ire of both Dr. Annette Birkin and Police Chief Brian Irons, and he was soon arrested and detained in the Raccoon Police Station amid an outbreak of a modified t-Virus strain that destroyed the city's infrastructure at the end of September.

RE2 AdaFirstAppearance

Wong appears after saving Leon in Raccoon City during outbreak.

On Tuesday 29 September, Wong made her way into the police station in search of Bertolucci, finding the building to have fallen to the Zombies, with rookie police officer Leon S. Kennedy being the only uninfected survivor left. To protect her mission, Wong used a cover for her mission claiming to be merely looking for Clemens. The information she got from Bertolucci was not enough, and he was soon killed by a mutant. Wong chose to continue her search for NEST, working alongside Kennedy, who was looking for a way out of the city.

RE2 (1998) - Leon and Ada kiss

Leon and Ada kiss together.

By the early hours of Wednesday 30 September, Wong had successfully reached NEST via underground transport into the Arklay Mountains. Though it is uncertain what precisely happened at the laboratory, it is known that Wong was injured and mistaken for dead. In one account, she was shot by Annette Birkin while trying to steal a Golgotha sample recovered by Kennedy and fell down a shaft, while in another she was thrown into a console by T-00, a T-103 Tyrant also sent to recover the virus. Whichever the case, the facility soon began tearing itself apart with the activation of a self-destruct device, and Wong was forced to escape. On her way, she saved Kennedy from T-00 by throwing an anti-tank launcher. How exactly she escaped from the laboratory is also uncertain, but it would appear she made her way back into the city through the sewers.[17] Though she had no time to find another Golgotha sample, she was successful in escaping with a tissue fragment shed from Birkin's remains.[18]

Ada escapes from Raccoon City

Wong escapes from Raccoon City.

By the early hours of Thursday 1 October, the injured Wong had finally made it into the middle of Raccoon City. Per her original orders, Wong made her way to the Apple Inn to rendezvous with her liaison. When she got to the room, however, she found that the man had already committed suicide out of despair over the situation. Watching from a webcam, Wesker expressed disappointment about her failure on the mission, likely having access to the NEST feed as he knew of Kennedy and was prepared to let her perish. Ultimately, however, her possession of the tissue fragment saved her, and he warned her that the city was soon to be destroyed in a missile attack, and her only escape were to use a hookshot on an Umbrella helicopter. While suspicious of Wesker's motives for saving her, she followed his instructions.[18] Wong fought her way to the highway overpass but was slowed down by Tyrant R. When the Tyrant was killed, Wong succeeded in making her escape, with the city being destroyed moments later.[19]

After returning from Raccoon City, the mission in the city became a constant assessment for her, earning her high regards and value as an asset from the Organization.[12] Personally, however, the experiences took a far greater toll than she would show. As she recovered from her injuries sustained during her time in the city, she did her best to move on, and tried seeing her attachment for Kennedy as being part of her Wong "character" than herself.[20] Also finding out that Simmons was responsible for the planning and preparation of the "Sterilization Operation" - the bombing - she realized he was simply too dangerous a man to associate herself with, and thus severed all connections from him.[21]

Sacred Snakes (2002)[]

While both were employed by the Organization, Wong and Wesker would operate separately for some years, with their paths crossing on numerous occasions as both ally and enemy. Among the places their rivalry would take effect was in Amparo, where the Organization was attempting to make a presence.[22] The Sacred Snakes, a crime syndicate led by drug lord Javier Hidalgo, had been purchasing bioweapons from Col. Sergei Vladimir, but were met by increasing costs owing to Umbrella's desperation in its dying days.[23] Approaching them as a liaison for an unspecified bio-weapons developer, they kept in touch though they preferred to buy through Wesker.[23]

In August, Hidalgo's aide Sergio confronted Wong, and she gave them information proving Umbrella was engaging in creative accounting before insisting they give her information in exchange.[23] Reporting this meeting to Wesker, Hidalgo was warned she was an Umbrella spy trying to sell him the same products.[22] The Sacred Snakes went out in search of her, but she disappeared before they could do so.[23] The operation was nonetheless a success for the Organization, and they became Hidalgo's primary supplier.

Los Iluminados (2004)[]

Ada contacts Wesker after arriving Spain

Wong contacts Wesker after arriving at the Los Illuminados village in Spain.

"Leon... Long time no see."
— Ada to Leon, upon meeting in the castle.[24]

In 2004, Wong obtained information that Wesker had been engaging in secret meetings with TRICELL's African branch and was convinced that he had been working in opposition to the Organization. However, Wesker's seniority posed a threat to her own position within the Organization.[25] Thanks to Wong, the Organization became aware of a bioweapons R&D project in Spain by Los Iluminados due to a leak by one of its senior researchers, Dr. Luis Sera. The project utilised a parasitic organism, Las Plagas, to turn human beings into useful puppets. However, Wesker would instead assign one of his own disciples, Jack Krauser, to the mission to obtain a "Dominant species Plaga" - a parasite that would give orders to the others without taking over the host's mind. When Krauser failed to return in time with a sample of the parasite, the Organization used this opportunity to their advantage, and pushed Wesker to assign Wong to the mission as well.[12]

Arriving at a village whose populace were taken over by the parasite, Wong's objective was to obtain as much information as possible on the Plagas from the ground.[26] This link-up was delayed when she discovered Kennedy was in the area. Having been recruited by the US government as a spy, he was searching the area for Ashley Graham, daughter of President Graham, who had been abducted by Krauser on behalf of Osmund Saddler, the man in charge of the bio-weapons project. Wong rang the bell to the nearby church, which got the attention of the villagers and directed them away from him.[27]

Ada save Leon

Ada saves Leon from Bitores Méndez.

Not long after her arrival, Wong was contacted by Wesker, who had information Sera had been captured while heading out to meet her with the Dominant species sample, and was being hidden in a house nearby.[28] Now knowing where to find him, Wong made her way to a derelict part of the village, where she found both Sera and Kennedy being carried out by a group of villagers led by the local Priest, Fr. Bitores Méndez.[29] Following the group, she reached Méndez's house in time to save Kennedy from being killed, but was captured by the villagers in the process and knocked out by a tranquilizer dart.[30] Waking up in the night, Wong found herself laid out on a stone slab, ready to be killed as a ritualistic sacrifice. Able to shake her keepers, Wong made her way back towards the village, where she finally found Sera. He had, however, not had the sample with him when he was captured, and left her empty handed while he retrieved it from its hiding place.[31]

"Maybe you forgot, Wesker, I don't always play by your rules."
— Ada to herself, after Wesker has Leon's death ordered.[32]
Screenshot 20170722-103900

Wong and Leon encounter each other again.

Heading into a nearby castle owned by the Salazar family in pursuit of Sera, Wong ran into Kennedy once more. Finally revealing herself to him, she was met with hostile questions over her ties to Wesker, which she could not answer. Leaving him behind to continue her search, Wong was shocked to receive orders to execute him, Wesker having deemed him a distraction to her and a possible threat.[33] Unable to bring herself to kill him, however, Wong excused herself for not killing Kennedy by avoiding being seen by him, and continued her search for Sera. Ultimately, however, she was too late, and Sera was killed by Saddler as he returned with the sample.[34]

Resident evil 4 revival 4 by cyber rayne-d48plze-1-

Ada drives Leon to island Saddler's to rescue Ashley Graham.

Doubting Wong's sincerity at not having the opportunity to assassinate Kennedy, the orders were temporarily rescinded to allow him to cause more trouble for Los Iluminados and serve as a useful idiot. Meeting Kennedy at a port in a speedboat, Wong drove him out across a lake to an island Saddler's bioweapons research was conducted on and where he had taken the sample to. Negotiations were made with the Organization as to how she would be picked up, and a team began planting explosives around the island to destroy Los Iluminados' research upon the sample's recovery. On her instance, a jet ski was also sent down an underwater outflow as an alternative escape route. Soon, Wong rendezvoused with Krauser at a radio communications tower, where they awaited new orders. Deciding to depart, Wong was alone when she was informed by Wesker that Krauser was to kill Kennedy.[32] Moving through the island's industrial district, Wong destroyed a small warship being prepared by Los Iluminados as part of their military before reaching a large empty warehouse where Krauser and Kennedy were enraging in a knife fight.[35] Shot at by Wong, Krauser gave up the fight and left to fight him elsewhere, at the ruins of a fortress used by the Salazar family long ago. Krauser would lose this second fight in spite of having secretly implanted the Dominant species sample he was to recover into his own body. Wong witnessed the fight from a distance, and reported his death in to Wesker. Once more, Wesker gave the order to terminate Kennedy, but allowed her the freedom to do so after she retrieved the sample.[36]

While exploring the ruined Salazar fortress for herself, Wong ran in to Kennedy once more. Having been implanted with a Recessive species Plaga when he was captured at the village, he was provided medication by Sera to slow down the parasite's growth, but only thought to take when when he found himself trying to choke Wong to death. While Wong insisted they get the parasite out of him immediately, he refused until Graham was found and rescued.[37] Leaving him behind, Wong ran into Krauser who, alive but wounded, wanted revenge for her betrayal of Wesker.[38] The two fought on the modern fortress built by Los Iluminados, where Krauser was finally killed.[39] Continuing in her search for the Dominant species Plaga sample Saddler took from Sera, Wong reached a laboratory where Graham was being kept in isolation until her own Plaga could take over her body. Distracting Saddler, Wong was able to give Kennedy a chance to escape the lab with Graham. Her fight with Saddler put her at a disadvantage, however, due to his mutant body's ability to simply absorb bullets.[40] Soon, she was defeated and knocked unconscious.[41] Tied up, she was taken to a tower under construction and hung from a rope around her waist as bait. When she was rescued by Kennedy, Saddler's parasite grew to massive proportions and began fighting him.[42] Fighting Saddler's militia on the tower, Wong found a rocket launcher and threw it to Kennedy, which succeeded in killing Saddler once and for all.[43]

Ada says goodbye to Leon before escaping

Wong says goodbye to Kennedy after stealing the dominant species Plaga sample before escaping from the island.

With the sample now in Kennedy's possession, Wong made her move and put a gun to his head, forcing him to hand it over. With the sample secured, Wong jumped off a nearby cliff and into a helicopter waiting to pick her up. To give him a chance to survive, she threw him the keys to her jet ski as a timer for the explosives was set. On the voyage back, Wong kept the Dominant species sample carefully in her possession for the Organization, and instead planted a newly recovered sample of a Recessive species Plaga in a case to be given to Wesker.[44] While this ruse worked for a time to deny Wesker important bioweapons research, Wesker would later successfully clone another from the recovered remains of Krauser's corpse.

Raid on the Spencer Estate (2006)[]

In 2006, Wong's paths would cross with Wesker's one final time when a dying Oswell E. Spencer, who had been in hiding since the Raccoon City incident, ordered his butler Patrick to reach out to Wesker. To do so, Patrick sought first to make contact with Ada through black-market dealer Ricardo Irving.[45]

Over the the following three years, Wesker had built a black-market bioweapons empire using the remnants of Umbrella's research data and Tricell's seemingly unlimited resources.[46] The profits from such endeavors were used to pursue the Uroboros Project, leading to his eventual death at the hands of the BSAA in 2009. Thus, for a time, Simmons and The Family were seen as the only major threats to Wong's employer.[47]

Eastern Slav Civil War (2011)[]

Damnation - Ada Wong headshot

Wong, under the guise of BSAA representative.

"I've been sent here by the BSAA. My name is Ada Wong."
— Ada when introducing herself Svetlana Belikova and the Government officials.[48]

In early 2011, Wong was anonymously hired by Simmons to interfere with a large-scale bio-weapons project underway in the Eastern Slav Republic. To put an end its civil war, the government had covertly provided a defective Plaga species to the rebels, hoping that the parasites would inevitably take over the dominant-strain host and render them shambling zombie-like beings, thus wiping out rebel leadership and making it easier to destroy the opposition as a whole while appearing that they had crumbled from within.[48] Sent in to investigate the Plagas' origins and obtain a sample, Wong met with President Belikova and the chiefs-of-staff under the guise of being a Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance representative. In the night, she had a run-in with Kennedy once more, who had been sent into Eastern Slav to verify the reports of bioweapons. Unable to inform him of her mission, all she could do was warn him to avoid returning to the same area as she understood it was to be destroyed in an air-bombing.[48]

Screenshot 20170211-114052

Wong vs Svetlana.

The following day, Wong met with Belikova once more, where she was accused of being a spy, as the United Nations had no BSAA representative of that name. As Wong was not at her hotel when asked for the previous night, Belikova's conclusion was that she was a Russian agent meeting with a contact. Refusing to accept the interrogation, Belikova soon made it physical, and Wong was captured when Belikova's office was turned into a saferoom, denying her an escape.[48] Waking up in a large facility beneath the Presidential palace, Wong used a hidden knife to untie herself and investigate. Soon she discovered Belikova's laboratory, confirming the government's role in supplying B.O.W.s to the rebels. Kennedy and the rebel leader, Alexander Kozachenko, soon made their arrival in the lab as well following a strike on the palace above using a manufactured Licker β colony. Succeeding in stealing a Plaga specimen, Wong made a quiet getaway while the Lickers violenty tore through Belikova's soldiers.[48]

Snapshot - 17

Wong and "her contact" discussing the plaga sample.

Following Wong's escape, a joint US-Russian invasion of the country occured and the evidence of Belikova's bioterrorism scheme was revealed to the world. Belikova's run-in with Wong however had problems of its own, an the BSAA was made aware of "Ada Wong" and her attempt at posing as one of their own. No sooner had an international warrant for her arrest been filed that everything stopped as if she never existed. Knowing this to be the work of the man who hired her for the mission, she became all the more suspicious that he was refusing to show his identity.[48] Before long, only the CIA and BSAA had records of her, in both cases the documents were marked as highly classified.[49]

Stolen Identity & Neo Umbrella (2012-2013)[]


Wong talking to Simmons via her COMs Device.

"If she wants a game, she'll get one. With the real Ada Wong."
— Ada to herself after speaking with Carla via communicator cube.[50]

In June 2013, Wong was given a mission to rendezvous with a submarine to uncover important information. Unlike in Eastern Slav, the individual hiring her showed himself to clearly be Simmons. While not initially interested in involving herself with him, curiosity got the better, and on June 27, she infiltrated the submarine, learning her prints were on file.[51] Further investigation of the submarine uncovered a film of her being ordered on an operation in Edonia in December 2012 to capture a man named Jake Muller who was deemed likely to be a source of C-Virus antibodies, a mission she never took part in.[52] When the submarine suffered a catastrophic accident and began sinking, Wong made her getaway inside a torpedo tube. Contacted once more by Simmons, she was told of upcoming attacks in the US, China, and then major cities across the globe, all to be blamed on her and "Neo Umbrella".[53]

Ada with Leon and Helena during Tall Oaks outbreak

Wong reunites with Leon and Helena during the Tall Oaks outbreak.

Two nights later, Wong reached Tall Oaks Cathedral, a building known to be the façade for The Family's underground headquarters. As foretold, Tall Oaks was suffering from a rapidly accelerating viral outbreak, something even she could not have believed he was capable of doing.[54] As Wong made her way into their complex, she ran into Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper, who were trying to talk sense into Harper's mutant sister, Deborah.[55] Seeing it as beyond hope, Wong instead fired an arrow from her bowgun. When Deborah survived the attack, the three worked together to ensure she die, if reluctantly. Once she died, Wong left the two behind, urged by Simmons to head to the laboratory.[56] Watching a VHS tape, Wong finally found out the truth behind Simmons' unusual behaviour: he had successfully used the new C-Virus to turn a human test subject into a genetic duplicate of Wong herself. Understanding the Simmons who hired her for the submarine mission was just her doppelgänger, Wong contacted the real Simmons to warn him of the recent developments and destroyed the laboratory before leaving for China where the next attack was scheduled.[50]

Making her way to Lanshiang, Wong quickly discovered her doppelgänger was a wanted fugitive on the run from the BSAA, who had evidence she was responsible for the attack. In her attempt to catch up, Wong was forced to fight a unique B.O.W. armed with an organic chainsaw dubbed Ubistvo.[57] After escaping it on a train line, the mutant menaced Muller and Sherry Birkin, who were themselves escaping Neo Umbrella agents.[58] Wong offered her assistance and, though she recognised Birkin from their brief encounter in Raccoon City, was not aware Muller was Wesker's son.[59] Quickly, she turned her attention to her doppelgänger once more, spotting her driving away in a luxury car, chased by the BSAA.[60]

Ada eliminates Carla Radames

Wong eliminates Carla Radames after her mutation.

Following the car chase to a Red Army Navy aircraft carrier hijacked by Neo Umbrella's soldiers, Wong was able to find documents finally explaining the origins of her doppelgänger - she was created out of Simmons' obsession, sacrificing his own chief researcher - Dr. Carla Radames - with the trauma of such betrayal driving her insane.[61] Soon after, Radames was shot by a Family member from a helicopter and fell onto the deck from upstairs. Wong rushed to her body to pay respects, but found she was still alive, having infected herself with the Enhanced C-Virus after her fall. Still believing herself to be the "real" Ada Wong, Radames boasted her doomsday project's impending success.[62] Radames' mutations caused catastrophic damage to the aircraft carrier, causing it to begin sinking, with Wong narrowly reaching a helicopter.[63]

Flying over Lanshiang, Wong took notice of the true extent of Radames' doomsday project. While she had been fighting Radames on the ship, a missile on a second aircraft carrier had been prepared to release the C-Virus into its Tatchi district, turning hundreds - perhaps thousands - into Zombies within moments of detonation. The BSAA forces in the area were themselves wiped out or infected, and Neo Umbrella helicopters were free to continue their massacres of civilians.[64] After saving Kennedy and Harper from Zombies, the two having ventured to China to apprehend Simmons, the three went their separate ways bound for the Quad Tower. There, they found Simmons, having mutated from exposure to the Enhanced C-Virus.

Ada throw herself with Simmons in Quad Town

Wong throws herself with Simmons at the Quad Town.

Believing Wong to be Radames, he blamed her for his condition and attacked.[65] With Simmons stalled, Wong beckoned Kennedy and Harper to the roof for pick-up.[66] Getting out to search the building for Radames' lab, Wong spotted Simmons climbing the wall trying to catch Kennedy and Harper. Joining the fight, Wong took more than she bargained for and was knocked out, having to be protected by Kennedy. As Simmons knocked Kennedy off the ledge, gloating, Wong returned the favor and rescued him, stabbing Simmons in the neck and throwing him off the building into a fire.[67]

RE6 Ada 2

After destroying Carla's laboratory, Wong leaves to do a new job.

With no more threats to deal with, Wong was able to track down Radames' lab, with Kennedy and Harper allowed to go on their way. Her investigation uncovered clear signs of another experiment underway, believed by Radames to be her greatest creation yet. No longer interested in seeing this go further, Wong instead simply destroyed the chrysalid with submachinegun fire, killing the mutant occupant. She then turned her attention to the other computers in the lab before leaving on another mission.[68]



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