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"Leon... Long time no see."

— Ada to Leon, upon meeting in the castle.
Ada quote - Long time no see

Ada Wong (エイダ・ウォン Eida Won?) is the pseudonym of an enigmatic unnamed Asian-American spy of Chinese descent who has gained notoriety in the corporate world for being able to handle serious situations and handle the most difficult requests without guilt. She acted secretly in the background of many biohazard incidents and collected information which became useful to several organizations, while at the same time operating to undermine them. However, Ada follows only her own "true purpose" and has often betrayed the organizations and customers she is affiliated with to achieve it.


Early life/careerEdit

Ada's personal life is a complete mystery. Her ethnicity and nationality are left unconfirmed, and when and where she was born are also unknown. Even her birth name is not believed to be real.[8][excerpt 2] However, it is known that she have a dark past. She received special training as a spy for a Chinese criminal syndicate in the underworld involved in the black market arms trade.

As an independent contractor for the syndicate, Wong worked for many external clients and organizations but often betrayed them as a means to fulfill an unknown "true purpose." One of her known clients was Derek C. Simmons, a high-ranking U.S. government official and leader of the secret organization The Family. Simmons appreciated her as an excellent spy and imposed many orders on her for his own ideals and ambitions. He harbored a distorted attachment and love for her and thought they were a perfect partnership due to the genius characteristics they both shared.

B.O.W. Underworld Infiltration (1990's)Edit

In the 1990's, Wong's syndicate ordered her to infiltrate the rising Bio Organic Weapon underworld to carry out industrial espionage centered on gathering information on this new type of weapon.

She first approached the rival company of the Umbrella Corporation, but the rival company's top brass were puzzled as most of her career was unknown except for her outstanding capabilities. Her uniquely clear history allowed her to join the company, although under heavy suspicion. At this time, Umbrella was the only B.O.W. manufacturer in the world due to their specialized methods of creating a new retrovirus, the t-Virus. The rival company ordered Wong to infiltrate the Arklay Laboratory, the main biological weapons laboratory of Umbrella, hidden beneath a mansion in the Arklay Mountains, to gather information on the virus.

John Clemens & Ada Wong artwork

Ada with his boyfriend, John Clemens

Wong infiltrated the laboratory posing as a researcher and was able to obtain extensive information on the virus after entering a relationship with the facility's chief scientist, John Clemens. During this time, her name was used as Clemens' password and she learned of the existence of the developmental G-virus from him. In May 1998, Wong was unable to steal the t-Virus due to an accident which caused the virus to leak and decimate the laboratory. She escaped the doomed facility and subsequently infiltrated Umbrella HQ. In September 1998, Wong learnt that Umbrella was nearing completion of the Golgotha Virus but the researcher who developed it had refused to hand it over to the company. She brought this information to the rival company and was approached by Albert Wesker, a former Umbrella employee who had secretly joined the rival company two months before. He later provided her with a report detailing his past in Umbrella.[9]

Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)Edit

This section is based on a game with branching story paths, or several games with conflicting accounts. For more detail on differing portrayals, see this page.

Ada knows Leon

Ada "knows" Leon.

"I'm trying to find my boyfriend, his name is John. "
— Ada to Ben Bertolucci in the prison cells.

Several months later, Ada had been hired by Wesker to infiltrate the secret underground laboratory in Raccoon City to recover the G-Virus. During her preparation for the espionage mission, she received or sought for additional information from Ben Bertolucci, who had come to the city to investigate the aftermath of the Arklay Incident. As the t-Virus ravaged Raccoon City, believed that the reporter may have had information on a route to the laboratory, she took advantage of the chaos in the city to infiltrate the Raccoon Police Department where Bertolucci was arrested. Reaching in the Raccoon Police Station basement on Tuesday, 29 September, Ada ended up know a rookie policeman, Leon Scott Kennedy.

To protect her mission, Ada not told to Kennedy the truth about her mission. In one account, Wong claimed to be looking for her missing boyfriend, unaware he had perished in the Mansion. In another, she claimed to be an FBI agent looking for proof of Umbrella USA's illegal bioweapons project. Whichever the reason, she became aware of Bertolucci informations, but its were not enough for her mission. Ben was soon after killed by a mutant, with accounts differing as to if it was Dr. William Birkin; a G parasite, or the T-00 B.O.W. sent to kill survivors in the station. Amid this, Wong was contacted by Wesker, being ordered to locate and kidnap Sherry Birkin, as his pendant contained a sample of the G-Virus. She successfully obtained the pendant after briefly meeting Sherry, who dropped it while running away.

RE2make Shaft Main Haha (1)

Ada exploring NEST.

Eventually, Wong schemed to manipulate Kennedy as a tool to accomplishing her mission. Leaving the station with him, they entered the sewers below Raccoon City as Ada was intent on finding Umbrella's lab herself. The two met Dr. Annette Birkin, and Leon was shot by her pushing Ada out of harm's way. Ada went after her but it ended with a confrontation between the two women. Leon later helped her out and the they traveled to the NEST. As they followed the path, due to the policeman's care for her, his action changed something in Wong and she began to fall in love with Kennedy. Upon reaching the laboratory, they, however, explored the place separately, and only later on did Ada catch up with Leon, but as events quickly unfolded with the lab's self-destruct system being activated, she suffered injuries and was presumed dead amid this. She, however, didn't die, and succeeded in escaping almost certain death, and when she saw the struggle Leon against the Super Tyrant, dropped an anti-tank rocket launcher to help.

Even wounded, Ada managed to get out of the laboratory, and on Thursday 1 October make her way to the Apple Inn where she was due to meet with her liaison of the rival company. When she got to the room, she found that the man had already committed suicide out of despair over the situation, with Wesker's face on a video monitor. He expressed disappointment about her betrayal with Kennedy due to its consequences for the rival company, and prepared to leave her to die until she showed him the "G" tissue fragment. Realizing the value of her skills, he informed her of the city's imminent destruction and a means to escape by helicopter and supplied her with a hookshot.

Ada escapes from Raccoon City

Ada escapes from Raccoon City.

Wong wondered about the extent of damage a leak of the G-virus would cause and became disillusioned with Wesker, knowing he would kill her when she was of no use to him. Wong made her way through the streets and encountered the Tyrant R. After defeating it, she then used her hookshot to grapple onto the Umbrella helicopter as it passed overhead. While she ran as the copter flew away, a Hunter R chased her and jumped to grab her as she was lifted into the air. The Hunter failed to grab her by mere inches, and instead got one of her high heels.

Post-Raccoon City (1999-2003)Edit

Shinkiro Ada

Ada after returning from Raccoon City.

After returning from Raccoon City, her mission in the city became a constant assessment for her, making her name a legend among those involved in espionage.

Sometime after the mission, while gazing at herself in a mirror shortly before her next mission, she looked at the scar given to her by "G" as she tried to protect Kennedy, and began to weep. Over time, she came to terms with the change in her state of mind caused by her interactions with Kennedy, and although she was no longer in love with him, she maintained an attraction to him.[10] As the G-Virus was a consequence of business between herself and Wesker, and she resolved to return the debt for him saving her life. Later, after discovering that Derek C. Simmons was responsible for the "Sterilization Operation" that destroyed Raccoon City, she deemed him dangerous and severed all connections with him.[11] Simmons, who had already gained strong feelings for Ada, eventually used Carla Radames in an experiment to clone Ada for himself.

In 2001, Wong approached the Sacred Snakes crime syndicate in South America posing as a B.O.W. broker. She informed them that the dummy company of Umbrella they were purchasing from was cooking their books with overpriced samples, and offered to supply the full information in exchange for their sales information.[12] However, her cover was blown by Wesker who informed the syndicate's leader Javier Hidalgo that she was an Umbrella spy. She escaped but failed to obtain the syndicate's information.[13]

In 2003, Wong learned that Wesker had approached the TRICELL Pharmaceutical Division from one of her informers Ricardo Irving, an employee of the Natural Resource Development Division of the company.[14]

Los Iluminados (2004)Edit

"Maybe you forgot, Wesker, I don't always play by your rules. "
— Ada to herself, after Wesker has Leon's death ordered.

Ada contacts Wesker after arriving Spain

Ada contacts Wesker after arriving at Los Illuminados village in Spain.

Six years after the Raccoon City Incident, Ada was recruited by Albert Wesker to "The 3rd Organization", and sent to an undisclosed village in Spain that had been taken over by Osmund Saddler, leader of the "Los Iluminados" religious cult, after he infected the villagers with Plaga. Her mission was to steal a specialized sample of the Plaga held by Saddler. During her mission, she met once again with Leon, who was on a mission to save the president's daughter, Ashley Graham, from the same cult. During the mission, Ada enlisted the help of a researcher named Luis Sera, who knows everything about the sample and is willing to help Ada retrieve it. After ringing the church bell, Ada went to the house of Bitores Mendez, reading a book until Wesker called her to inform her of Luis' whereabouts. She heads to the location, only to discover that both Sera and Leon have been captured. Ada heads back to Mendez's house only to arrive just in time to save Leon from Mendez. However, Mendez caught her and tranquilized her, intending to use her as a sacrifice. Later, Ada finds Luis, who has yet to retrieve the sample. Ada meets Leon in the castle, and a short battle ensues between the two. Ada leaves him under the cover of her exploding sunglasses as she escapes out the window. Ada learns from Wesker that Luis has retrieved the sample and is given his location; Ada arrives too late and witnesses Luis die by the hands (or, rather, the tail) of Saddler.

Screenshot 20170722-103900

Ada and Leon encounter again each other.

Wesker sent another loyal agent of his, Jack Krauser, to work alongside Ada in this mission. However, Ada and Krauser had difficulty seeing eye to eye, with Krauser distrusting Ada and believing her to be a threat to Wesker (with Krauser also claiming Wesker doesn't trust Ada, either). Despite her pointing out that she had worked with Wesker longer than he did, he still kept his eye on her and promised to kill her should she try anything clever. Ada was upset by Wesker's desire to dispatch Leon and was reluctant to receive his order to kill him herself. Later, she was even more angered when Wesker decided to leave Leon to Krauser. She then decided to not complete her task exactly as Wesker wanted and would come to save Leon when Krauser came close to killing him.

Ada was responsible for a number of things Leon encountered during his mission, such as puzzles and traps set off in a certain way and so forth. Although her mission was to retrieve a sample of the dominant species Plaga, Ada's primary objective was to get in good favor with the mysterious organization she worked for as a double-agent and was also conspiring against The 3rd Organization and Wesker. Arguably, if it wasn't for Ada's role behind the scenes, Leon's mission would have been a failure. She also aided Leon in battle and even saved him from the influence of the Plaga during the mission. Another of Ada's accomplishments was the destruction of a previously unseen battleship that Los Iluminados had at their disposal.

Shortly before the climax of Ada's mission, she is attacked by what's left of Krauser, freshly burned and scarred from his battle with Leon. Ada takes it upon herself to go on the offensive and kill Krauser, who by now is almost completely corrupted by the Plaga. Having studied his style and mutation closely before, Ada is more than a match for Krauser and he is killed for good. Shortly after this, Ada covers Leon and Ashley's escape from Saddler by blocking the passage, trapping both Ada and Saddler in the same room. A battle occurs, where Ada fights Saddler's human form. With incredible strength, Saddler is quite a challenge, but Ada is eventually able to overwhelm him through her skill. However, this isn't the case, as Saddler comes to his senses shortly after and gets the drop on Ada. Using Ada as bait to trap Leon, Saddler is shocked to realize Leon's Plaga has been destroyed as Leon frees Ada from captivity. Ada and Leon fight Saddler during the final battle and as Leon confronts the monstrous cult leader, Ada struggles in a race against time to find Leon a powerful weapon to use against him. Rushing through hordes of Los Ganados, Ada finds a specialized rocket launcher and throws it to Leon at the critical moment of the battle.

Ada says goodbye to Leon before escaping

Ada "says goodbye" to Leon after stealing the dominant species Plaga sample before escaping from the Los Illuminados island.

Eventually, Ada is able to steal a dominant species Plaga sample from Saddler's island base after the battle. After she obtains the sample, she gives Leon and Ashley a means of escape and makes her own on a helicopter from The 3rd Organization, who she was a double-agent for. As she rides off, Ada is comforted by the warm light of the sunrise on the horizon. However, she can't help but think that while this mission is over, the battle has just begun. Ada had obtained the sample, the goal of her mission and one step of Wesker's plan to resurrect the Umbrella Corporation. However, under orders of the organization she was actually working for, Ada double-crossed Wesker and delivered a simple subordinate species Plaga to him. Ada knew, however, that Wesker wasn't stupid and that tough times lay in wait. Though Wesker had obtained only a sample of a subordinate Plaga, he still managed to obtain a dead dominant species Plaga from the corpse of Jack Krauser.

The Death of Wesker (2009)Edit

In 2009, another piece in Wong's "true purpose" was moved when Wesker attempted to take control of the world with the use of a new virus. Through the B.O.W. underworld, she heard news of his death in Africa during a confrontation with the B.S.A.A..

Her heart felt slightly empty due to such a powerful existence suddenly vanishing, and reflected that the time she spent partnered with him was instrumental to accomplishing her "true purpose" and that his death would repaint the image of various forces on both sides in the world of biological weapons. With Umbrella, Wesker, TRICELL and the rival company gone; Wong began set her sights on investigating The Family.[15]

Eastern Slav (2011)Edit

Ada Wong Damnation

Ada, under the guise of BSAA representant.

"I've been sent here by the BSAA. My name is Ada Wong."
— Ada when introducing herself Svetlana Belikova and the Government officials.

In 2011, Wong was hired to infiltrate the civil war-torn Eastern Slav Republic to steal a sample of a synthetic Plaga species and destroy the facility housing it. This species was developed by scientists employed by Svetlana Belikova, the country's first female President. This species enabled the control of certain B.O.W. models in its egg stage, but caused the host to become a Ganado when matured. For this reason, Wong deemed it a defective product. She meticulously planned to orchestrate events in a way that would lead her straight to her objective.

Leon and Ada reunion again Damnation

Leon and Ada meet once again.

Wong first planted the corpse of a Licker β in a warehouse, where it was spotted by the American government via surveillance camera and used as proof of B.O.W. use in the conflict. She knew this would result in Leon S. Kennedy being sent to investigate, who she could once again manipulate to aid in her own objective. She then infiltrated the republic's government posing as a BSAA observer, she provided President Belikova and her Chiefs-of-Staff with information regarding the rebels' use of B.O.W.s. Following the meeting Ada met up with Leon, who was also investigating the civil war on the United States' behalf, and warned him of the government's plan to bomb the city in the morning.

Screenshot 20170211-114052

Ada vs Svetlana.

The next day, in a second meeting with President Belikova, she was accused of being a Russian spy, having been tracked following the discovery of her forged BSAA membership. The two began fighting in hand-to-hand combat following Ada's refusal to answer to the President's questions. Knocked unconscious, she was tied up with a rope in Belikova's underground facility to prevent further interference, though broke through with a knife. Ada found Leon again in a storage room for modified Plaga samples, where it became clear Belikova was selling bio-weaponry to the rebels to legitimize more aggressive strikes.

Snapshot - 17

Ada and "Her contact" discussing the plaga sample.

Ada made her escape from the facility when Belikova's forces arrived, avoiding a deadly confrontation between the President's forces and Lickers controlled by the rebel leader, Alexander Kozachenko and only helping Leon by operating an elevator control. After having stolen a Dominant Plaga sample in the infiltration, she offered the sample for sale to a Simmons, who is in fact, the American National Security Advisor to President Adam Benford, his identity was kept hidden from her by texting her via a keyboard, through his own personal connections, an international warrant for her arrest was quietly taken down.[16]

Overall, Wong's participation in the Eastern Slavic Republic has been poorly documented, given that her name only appeared in a CIA report on the events. The BSAA denied that she was a member, and as a result, the only people who learned of her involvement were Kennedy and the CIA.[17]

Neo-Umbrella (2012-2013)Edit

Familiar FaceEdit


Ada talking to "Simmons" via her P.D.A.

"If she wants a game, she'll get one. With the real Ada Wong."
— Ada to herself after speaking with Carla via communicator cube.

In 2013, Ada was contacted by Carla Radames, under the guise of her old partner, Derek C. Simmons. On June 27, she arrived at a massive submarine in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Ada was informed there is some information on board that will interest her. The submarine base was set to read and respond to Ada's fingerprints and voice recognition. Contacting her again as Simmons, Carla asked Ada whether or not she has found anything interesting and mocked that Ada has not figured it out that tomorrow the U.S. will suffer the bioterrorist attack, followed by China, and then all major cities around the world will suffer the same fate.

Reunion with LeonEdit

Ada with Leon and Helena during Tall Oaks outbreak

Ada reunites with Leon and Helena during the Tall Oaks outbreak.

Arriving at the Tall Oaks Cathedral, Ada made her way into the underground caverns, where she found Leon, Helena and Deborah Harper, who was awakening from her cocoon state. Ada fired an arrow at Deborah and revealed herself to Leon and Helena, commenting that Leon looked like he had seen a ghost. As the caverns began to collapse, Deborah awakened and stabbed the floor with her appendages. While the three were making their way out of the caverns, Ada gave Leon a ring of Simmons, which she had found earlier, and told him that it would make sense later. Deborah soon caught up with the three and they fought her, but when she was defeated, she stabbed the ground again and caused them to fall further into the caverns. Ada and Helena met up with Leon on a mine cart and proceeded to get out of the caverns. But Deborah caught up with them and they fought her one more time. After the cart reached the end of the rail. Ada and Leon landed on a platform above Helena and Deborah. They shoot the mutated girl, who falls to the edge, and they watched as Helena let go of her sister's hand, causing Deborah to fall to her death.

Ada learns about Carla

Ada discovers that Carla Radames was impersonating Simmons.

After Helena confessed that she assisted Simmons in attacking the president, Ada commented that it sounded just like the man she knew. She warned Leon and Helena that they were up against the real people who run the U.S. As Carla contacted her again, Ada left the pair with her grappling gun. Receiving the call, Ada was instructed by Carla to find the laboratory. Reaching it, Ada saw the video depicting the "birth" of her doppelgänger, and she realized why Leon is confused. Seeing Simmons' ring at the end of the tape, Ada figured out that it was not Simmons at all that contacted her, but Carla. As Carla called her again, Ada told her that she was not Simmons. Ada reasoned that while Simmons and The Family wanted to keep the world stable, Carla wanted to destroy it. Ada also said that what also gave Carla away was that Simmons never showed his cards, and the video was one of his. Amused, Carla simply replied that the world will end up blaming the real Ada Wong before finally cutting off contact with her. Feeling that Carla wanted to play a game, Ada decided to play as well to get on top. She then called Simmons and told him that Carla was preparing to destroy the world. Ada left a bomb in Simmons' laboratory, which destroyed everything.

Carla's demiseEdit

Later in Lanshiang, Ada found that the BSAA was pursuing Carla to the harbor, where her freighter was located. Following her doppelgänger, Ada found Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin being attacked by Ubistvo, who she herself had fought earlier. Deciding to repay what their parents have given her, Ada worked in the shadows in helping them defeat the B.O.W. As she reached Carla's freighter, Ada snuck on board, avoiding pursuit from Chris Redfield and Piers Nivans, who were mistaking her for the "Ada" they were really after.

Ada eliminates Carla Radames

Ada eliminates Carla Radames after her mutation.

Reaching an office, Ada found a file regarding Carla before she was transformed to her doppelgänger. When she heard the sound of a helicopter, she came rushing outside and saw Carla fall to her death below. When she confronted Carla, she stated that it was Carla's hatred for Simmons that drove her to tear down what he created. And if only Carla sought vengeance against Simmons alone, she would have helped her doppelgänger. Suddenly, Ada was shocked when Carla dropped a C-Virus container and began to mutate into a white slime. Before Carla was able to attack her, Ada tried to escape by closing a metal door in front of her, but throughout the ship, the doppelgänger continued to pursue the original while transforming the walls into white slime. Ada finally defeated Carla by shooting a leak of nitrogen gas that froze and shattered her body. While escaping the freighter with a helicopter, Ada spotted Chris and Piers leaving on a jet, saying that she'll leave it to them to clean up Carla's mess.

Derek undefeatedEdit

Ada Leon Helena deal with the mutant Simmons

Ada helps Leon and Helena deal with Simmons.

While flying to the Quad Tower, Ada saw the chaos within the streets and commented that Carla wasn't kidding with bringing hell on earth. She then encountered Leon and Helena and helped them escape a horde of zombies. After destroying several helicopters operated by J'avo, Ada finally made it to the tower, where she found Leon and Helena again, this time confronting Simmons. Simmons became furious with Ada for what she did to him, even though Carla was actually responsible for his mutation. He mutated into a form comparable to a Theropod, but was defeated by Ada, Leon and Helena. Beckoning Leon to follow her to the roof, Ada flew to the top.

Ada throw herself with Simmons in Quad Town

Ada throw herself with Simmons of Quad Town.

After landing, she left her makeup compact, which had a data chip about Simmons' crimes, and a rocket launcher for Leon to use against Simmons later. Making her way down, Ada saw Leon and Helena being pursued by Simmons. She assisted them by distracting the mutated man. Simmons then pursued Ada across the rooftops and managed to knock her unconscious, forcing Leon to confront him. Simmons gained the upper hand and tried to throw Leon off the building, gloating over his victory but was stopped by Ada who stabbed him and threw him off the roof.

New PurposeEdit

RE6 Ada 2

After destroying Carla's laboratory, Ada leaves to do a new job.

"We're beyond sympathy at this point, we're beyond humanity."
— Ada Wong

After taking care of Simmons and parting ways with Leon, Ada went on to Carla's lab and witnessed a video footage of Carla's "greatest work yet". However, before Carla's creation could fully hatch from its cocoon, Ada, no longer being able to sympathize with Carla anymore and disgusted at her actions, destroyed the creature and the entire lab in a fit of rage by unloading some magazines on the chemicals and equipment, setting the lab ablaze. Only a few moments later Ada received a phone call about a job, which she happily accepted.




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