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Similarities to Nikita

Nikita cover (movie)

DVD cover for Nikita (La Femme Nikita).

Ada Wong La Femme

An official render of Ada Wong, in a homage to the previous picture.

Former series producer Shinji Mikami is a big time film buff, so it may be with little surprise that the character of Ada Wong has quite a few similarities to the protagonist of Nikita (La Femme Nikita). Both Ada and Nikita are women who have been "reborn" in one way or another, signified by a scene where they look into a mirror and vow to leave their past behind. Both women are femme fatale archetypes, skilled female assassins and super spies who work for a mysterious organization. They're deadly in more ways than one, equally adept at weaponry, combat, and assassination as they are with using their feminine wiles to catch unsuspecting men off guard. Both Ada and Nikita also share one major flaw in their assassin career, a love for a man. They often find themselves unable to go through with certain orders due to a conflict with their feelings for a man they love. Both women even have a very shady superior they answer to: Michael for Nikita, and Wesker for Ada. Both Michael and Wesker are black-clad men whose cool exterior hides a ruthless nature. The title screen for Separate Ways even resembles the original poster for Nikita (La Femme Nikita) right down to the title character being in the same pose. Although the characters and storylines share obvious differences as well, it's impossible to not notice the similarities. This could offer some insight into Ada's mysterious past and place in the world as well.


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