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Resident Evil 2 (1998)

Ada is playable for two segments during both of Leon's scenarios. For the first segment, she will have a Handgun which she can fire faster with than other characters, 45 Handgun bullets, a first aid spray, and a family photo as a personal item.

Extreme Battle

Ada also appears in the Extreme Battle minigame. She is unlocked by beating level 1 once. She is equipped with the following;

Resident Evil 4

Ada is playable in Resident Evil 4 in her own scenarios Assignment: Ada and Separate Ways, as well as the Mercenaries minigame. Ada will differ from Leon in that her running speed is faster and her melee attacks are different. Her head melee attack is the "Fan Kick" and her leg attack is the "Back Kick". She does not have a knife in the Gamecube versions of the game but does in all ports.

The Mercenaries

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The Mercenaries Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4

Ada is a playable character in the Resident Evil 4 Minigame The Mercenaries. She wears her outfit from Resident Evil 2 in Mercenaries. She is armed with a TMP, the Punisher Handgun, and the Semi-Auto Rifle, as well as three Incendiary Grenades. Ada is the physically weakest mercenary, with only 6.5 bars of health, but she makes up for it with the best speed and decent firepower. She excels in long range combat, thanks to her upgraded and scoped semi-auto-rifle, but once enemies close in, Ada is very vulnerable to attack. Ada lacks short range stopping power, and her only chance of escape is to spray a group with her TMP, use her Punisher to attempt to hit two enemies at once or try to use her incendiary grenades. She fights very similar to Leon having a fan kick for most enemies and a back kick for enemies on their knees similar to Leon's against Villagers.

When the stage bosses show up, Ada is quite formidable. The rifle deals enough damage to knock down the Chainsaw Sisters, stagger Gatling Man, and, when at long distance, eliminate Giant Chainsaw Man with 2-3 shots. However, Ada struggles in the fight with the Garrador. It is hard to focus on its weak point with Ada's weapons, and the best weapon for fighting the Garrador is her incendiary grenades.

Resident Evil 6


Ada is featured in her own campaign in "Resident Evil 6". She will initially be equipped with the Ammo Box 50 and the Crossbow. During several segments the player must advance through areas undetected. Ada must also use her grapple gun to advance during points in the campaign. Ada's campaign makes more use of puzzles than the other campaigns.

Since the release of an update for Resident Evil 6 in December 17, 2012, "Agent" has been included to serve as Ada's partner. This character does not appears in the games main plot due to him being only in this campaign for cooperative gameplay purposes.

Ada is the only character that faces both J'avo and C-virus zombies. Leon and Helena only face C-Virus zombies while Jake, Sherry, Chris, and Piers only face J'avo.

Contexual Attacks

  • Fan Kick (Light stun) - Ada will perform a jumping roundhouse. It has a wide radius. This is most commonly performed on a lightly stunned enemy from any direction.
  • Hurricanrana (Front heavy stun) - Ada will headlock the target's head with her legs and crush it against the floor, after that Ada will roll and return to her original position.
  • Head Buster (Back heavy stun) - From behind the enemy, Ada will jump then grab the enemy with her legs and fiercely throw it to the ground.
  • Somersault (Coup de Grace) - Ada will jump kick and flip.

Extra Content modes

Ada only has one outfit for her default costume. Her EX 1 and 2 costumes are a silver and gold Chinese dress respectively. She will be unlocked for the extra modes once her campaign is completed.

Mode Loadout - Default Loadout - Costume
The Mercenaries /
The Mercenaries No Mercy

Ammo Box 50


Incendiary Grenades

30x 9mm Ammo

60x Arrows (Normal)

30x Arrows (Pipe Bomb)

8 Health tablets


Sniper Rifle

2x Red Herbs

3x Hand Grenades

2x Flash Grenades

30x 9mm Ammo

6x 7.62mm NATO Ammo

0 Health tablets

Survivors Crossbow

Ammo Box 50

5x Arrows (Normal)

1 Remote Bomb


Triple Shot

3x Arrows (Normal)

1 Incendiary Grenade

Predator Crossbow

Ammo Box 50

5x Arrows (Normal)


Triple Shot

5x Arrows (Normal)

5x Arrows (Pipe Bomb)

Onslaught Ammo Box 50


3 Incendiary Grenades

30x 9mm Ammo

50x Arrows (Normal)

10x Arrows (Pipe Bomb)


Sniper Rifle

Stun Rod

3x Hand grenades

30x 9mm Ammo

6x 7.62mm NATO Ammo

Siege Sniper Rifle

18x Rifle ammunition

1 Red Herb


3 Incendiary Grenades

5 Arrows (Normal)

The Mercenaries (RE6)

Ada reappears in The Mercenaries for Resident Evil 6. Her loadout for her default costume consists of the Ammo Box 50 and her Crossbow, packed with 60 rounds of bolts and 30 rounds of explosive bolts. She also possesses three incendiary grenades and eight health tablets.

Ada's loadout is considered to be one of the weaker sets in The Mercenaries. Her Ammo Box 50 is unwieldy, slow and not particularly powerful, making it a cumbersome weapon to use compared to other, more effective weapons. Her crossbow is extremely strong and can easily take down most bosses, but it has a slow reload time and lacks the ability to instantly save the combo if it's not aimed directly at the head. 

Where Ada shines, however, is in her melees; her coup de grace and counter are considered to be one of the fastest and most useful in the game and she can easily take down scores of J'avo by quickshotting (or aiming at the head), sliding and then coup de gracing for the kill. Due to the amount of explosive bolts and incidenary grenades in her possession, Ada is also the most effective character when using the coup de grace glitch, which is performed by using a coup de grace on an enemy when using a delayed explosive (incidenary, explosive bolt, grenade), adding +7 seconds for the initial enemy killed during the coup de grace and for every enemy killed in the explosion. 

RE6 Mercs Image Ada EX1

Ada's alternate costume

Her costume ditches her Ammo Box 50 and her Crossbow in favor of the MP-AF and the Sniper Rifle, respectively. Unlike Default Ada, her costume is capable of dealing a large amount of damage at once by firing her sniper rifle, switching to another weapon and then switching back to her sniper rifle, skipping the recoil she would otherwise experience.

Although she is not as effective in using the coup de grace glitch as default Ada is, her three hand grenades still allow her to use it effectively. Taking into account her two flash grenades as well, costume Ada's loadout is very efficient at scoring a lot of free coup de graces. 

Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles

Ada is player character in the Death's Door scenario of Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles. She will start the stage with only a fraction of her health remaining and uses the Burst Handgun. Her melee attack involves her first preforming a somersault kick to knock her attacker off, then the fan-kick.

Resident Evil 2 (2019)

Like in the original game, Ada Wong is also a recurring playable character in the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2, during both of Leon's scenarios as well. Unlike in the original game, Ada mainly revolves around using her hacking gadget, the EMF Visualizer to hack machineries in order to progress throughout her segment.

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