The Mercenaries

The Mercenaries Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4

Ada is a playable character in the Resident Evil 4 Minigame The Mercenaries. She wears her outfit from Resident Evil 2 in Mercenaries. She is armed with a TMP, the Punisher Handgun, and the Semi-Auto Rifle, as well as three Incendiary Grenades. Ada is the physically weakest mercenary, with only 6.5 bars of health, but she makes up for it with the best speed and decent firepower. She excels in long range combat, thanks to her upgraded and scoped semi-auto-rifle, but once enemies close in, Ada is very vulnerable to attack. Ada lacks short range stopping power, and her only chance of escape is to spray a group with her TMP, use her Punisher to attempt to hit two enemies at once or try to use her incendiary grenades. She fights very similar to Leon having a fan kick for most enemies and a back kick for enemies on their knees similar to Leon's against villagers.

When the stage bosses show up, Ada is quite formidable. The rifle deals enough damage to knock down the Bella Sisters, stagger J.J., and, when at long distance, eliminate Super-Salvador with 2-3 shots. However, Ada struggles in the fight with the Garrador. It is hard to focus on it's weak point with Ada's weapons, and the best weapon for fighting the Garrador is her incendiary grenades.

Resident Evil: The Deck Building Game

Ada-secon DBG.jpg

Ada's third character card.

Ada is featured as three character cards in the Resident Evil DBG, first appearing in the Premier Edition of the game, and later reappearing in Outbreak and Nightmare. Her first card's effects included Revealing the top of the Mansion without engaging the Infected or activating any of its possibly effects (Level 1) and exchanging her Buy for an additional Action (Level 2). She has 80 Health and is based on her appearance in Resident Evil 4.

Her second card is based on her appearance in Darkside Chronicles, and has only 70 Health.

Her third and most recent card is taken from her appearance in the Death's Door scenario of Umbrella Chronicles. This incarnation of Ada has effects that relate to her Health. Her Level 1 effect states that if she takes damage, the player can draw two cards. Her second effect makes her quite durable compared to the other characters, stating that if her health would be reduced to 0 or less through damage, set it to 10 instead. This makes Ada the first and so far only character with 70 Health able to survive attacks from the boss Infected of each set; Uroboros Aheri, the Infected Albert Wesker, and Tyrant (T-002 Model). In addition, she's also the character with the highest necessary Decoration count to use her Level 2 effect (10) as well as having the largest gap between the effects' necessary amounts.

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