Further notes

There are a number of differing accounts of Ada Wong's experiences in Raccoon City.

  • Resident Evil 2 has two separate scenarios for Leon S. Kennedy, set in different timelines. In "Leon B", Ada retrieves a sample of the G-Virus from Sherry Birkin's locket, keeping it with her throughout the game. She does not retrieve the locket in "Leon A". In both scenarios, Ada is injured on the way to NEST. In "A", she is personally taken to the security office to recover; in "B" she is separated from Leon and goes there herself. In "Leon A", Ada turns on Leon to get the G-Virus sample he is holding. She is shot by Dr. Annette Birkin, and falls off the side of the railing, and the sample is thrown away by Leon in disgust. In "Leon B", she does not turn on Leon, and is knocked out and mistaken for dead when injured by the T-00. At the end of the game, Ada reveals herself to be alive, and throws a rocket launcher at the protagonist while they battle T-00 - Claire if in "Leon A"; Leon if in "Leon B".
  • Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles does not have a re-telling of Resident Evil 2, but instead a sequel, dubbed "Death's Door". Ada is shown held in Leon's arms, indicating she suffered an injury by the T-00 as happened in "Leon B". However, while "Leon B" ended with her in possession of the G-Virus, she is instead carrying a tissue sample taken from Dr. William Birkin's body.
  • Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles has its own retelling of Resident Evil 2, adapted for rail shooters. In this version of events, largely based on "Leon B", Ada meets both Leon and Claire in the parking garage. She is incapacitated by the T-00 while coming to the defence of Leon and Claire, but appears again to throw an anti-tank launcher while they battle its Super Tyrant form.
  • Resident Evil 2's 2019 remake has a much more different account of Ada's experience in Raccoon City. Her cover is as an FBI agent investigating Umbrella, rather than earlier accounts of her being the concerned girlfriend of Dr. John Clemens, references to who are entirely absent. The scene where Ada turns on Leon is instead based on the "Leon A" version, wherein she is shot while trying to steal the virus from Leon and falls down the shaft. Like other portrayals, she reveals herself to have survived, and throws Leon a rocket launcher to fight T-00, as happened in "Leon B".


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