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Ada Wong (エイダ・ウォン Eida Won?) is the pseudonym of an enigmatic unnamed spy of Asian-American descent. She has gained notoriety in the corporate world for being able to handle serious situations and the most difficult requests without guilt.

Wong has acted secretly in the background of many biohazard incidents and collected information which became useful to several organisations, while at the same time operating to undermine them. However, Wong follows only her own "true purpose" and has often betrayed the organisations and customers she is affiliated with to achieve it.


Raccoon City Destruction Incident (1998)[]

In September 1998, Wong was sent into Raccoon City to recover a sample of G-Virus. Research on the viral weapon was completed, though Umbrella's leadership determined chief researcher Dr. William Birkin was preparing to flee town with the research. While there, Wong became aware of or conscripted Ben Bertolucci into her investigation. Bertolucci was a freelance reporter who was investigating Umbrella's illegal research and had confirmed the existence of an underground research complex and would, in theory, know the means to infiltrate it. Bertolucci was detained by police chief Brian Irons at the start of the t-Virus outbreak, however, and Wong made her way to the police station in search of him.

Ada knows Leon

Wong meeting Leon in Raccoon City during outbreak.

On the night of Tuesday 29 September, Wong reached the police station, which had fallen to the outbreak with only a token band of officers left. In the underground parking garage, she found RPD officer Leon S. Kennedy, who she helped dispatch a zombie dog that was attempting to kill him but was otherwise disinterested in his aid. Their working relationship changed over time, however, and over the night Kennedy's help became crucial to Wong's plans. To keep him on her side, Wong deceived him that she was an FBI agent sent to investigate Umbrella, feeding him elements of truth about the corporation's bioweapons research. While Bertolucci himself died shortly after she found him, the recovered data was found to be lacking, and Wong led Kennedy out into the sewers to find the lab their own way.

Entering the sewers, Wong and Kennedy encountered Annette Birkin who is seen observing a corpse that her husband had recently infected with a G-embryo. When Ada announces hey were there for the G-virus, Annette scoffs at the duo that wasn't going to happen before lighting the corpse ablaze as she attempts to flee. With Wong giving chase only for Annette to unleash a hail of bullets at her. With Kennedy throwing himself in front of Wong in an attempt to protect her, taking a bullet in his left shoulder. Wong attempts to stop Annete by firing a few rounds at her only for the scientist to slip behind a closing wall. With Kennedy urging her to peruse the scientist as he falls unconscious from his wound.[1]

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Ada kisses Leon.

By the early hours of Wednesday 30 September, Wong had successfully reached NEST via an underground transport into the Arklay Mountains. Reports of what happened there are conflicted, though what can be determined is that Wong fell from a collapsing walkway after a stand-off with Kennedy who had recovered a G-Virus sample. She was however able to survive the fall through her own means, and supplied Kennedy with an anti-tank launcher when she spotted him fighting Tyrant on a cargo elevator.

Los Iluminados (2004)[]

In 2004, Wong was employed by Wesker to retrieve a sample of the Amber and its research data after leaks of it broke out. She manages to reach out and form a deal with Dr. Luis Serra Navarro, one of the researchers for the Los Iluminados cult who had discovered the Amber's property and it's potential strength after being left in the Amber Storeroom for an extended period of time, and had brought it back for further testing upon coming across its peculiar shape. In exchange for the Amber sample and its research data, Wong was to extract him out of Valdelobos.

However, before Luis can hold up the end of his deal, Luis hides the Amber in a secure location and flees back to the village before being captured by Zealots and thrown into the cell of Salazar Castle where he is set to be tortured and killed along with other prisoners. Sometime after, Wong infitrates the castle and disguises herself as a female attendant and breaks Luis out of the castle. Before they can escape the castle, the pair are confronted by Zealots and Ramón Salazar's bodyguard Pesanta with Luis hesitantly escapes and reminds her of their rendezvous location in Village Church while Wong remains behind. Wong engages with Pesanta with the latter launches its attacks with one of them scrape Wong in the shoulder and Wong subjected to its illusion afflictions and attacks. She survives the encounter and escape to the exterior of the castle where she updates Albert Wesker of her situation and leave the heavily fortified castle.

As Wong traverse to the church, she ponders about the Amber and the actions that will be done in its name as well as the consequences somebody had to paid but is content to ignore it until the Raccoon City Destruction Incident change her perspective. As she draws nearer to the center of Valdelobos, Wesker informs her that the Ganados are riled up due to the incident with Ashley Graham's kidnapping, Wong finds an vantage point and notices that Kennedy are ambushed by the Ganados in his search for Graham. As she ventures to the church, Wong learns that the bell acts as the calling of their lord Osmund Saddler to congregate at the church and listen to his preaches. Attaining this information, Wong arrives at the church and rings its bell, drawing away hostiles from further attacking Leon but discovers that Luis is nowhere to be seen, unbeknownst to her that Luis is captured and trapped in the basement of his old home.

Waiting extensively at the area, Wesker informs Wong that they had lost Luis's signal in the vicinity of the forest which is near Bitores Méndez manor and heads toward the location in picking up clues to his current location. During her traversal, Wong is again confronted by Pesanta who struck her with its illusion attacks and endless apparitions though she survives the encounter again. As the fight finishes, Wong experiences migraine like symptoms and is confused on her physiology with the creature retreating elsewhere. Wong spots Kennedy in the manor and rescues Kennedy from his attempted killer and exits the premises, prompting Méndez to pursue after her. As dawn falls, Wong sees Leon leaving the premise and infiltrate the manor on her search for Luis's location and discovers Méndez ordered the villagers to be hold at the factory basement for a fair judgement. As Wong exits, she is grabbed by Méndez and thrown across the floor and is chased to the factory by Méndez alongside villagers.

Upon there, Wong activates her Interactive Retinal Inquiry System (I.R.I.S) lens to track down footprints leading to Luis's cell only to discover it is empty. In the room, Wong tracks Luis's footprint to the cigar where he writes channel numbers to communicate with on the two-way radio. Wong reaches contact with Luis who tells her of the location of a cabin outside the Village. Before she can leave, Wong is swarmed by Villagers who is alerted to her location but manages to escape the area. Outside the factory, Wong is afflicted with an illusion attack and collapses from fatigue before being surrounded by the surviving Villagers. Wong awakens inside Méndez's manor where she is treated by Wesker of her symptoms and is threatened by Wesker to complete her mission and not be seen as a liability.

Wong heads back to the center where she discovers scrawled orders of releasing El Gigante and assembling Villagers to the Villa which is Luis's current location. As she crosses the bridge, she is shaken by the tremor of El Gigante which threatens the bridge's collapse and retreats back to the area where she combats the giant and kills it. Sometime later, Wong meets Luis after the onslaught had taken place in the cabin and inquires him about his progress in obtaining the "Amber" and reminds him that without it, he will not receive protection. Luis assures her that he will collect the "Amber" and informs her that he will have to collect something else as well and the pair soon departs after.

In Salazar Castle, Luis informs Wong of another objective that he had to accomplished before retrieving the Amber which sets off Wong who threatens to shoot him but Luis manages to convince her of getting the medicine to slow down Plaga parasitization process of Leon and Ashley as well as Wong who he recognizes the effects of the parasite symptoms. Wong relents but reminds him that it is his last chance before accompanying him. The pair discovers that the lab is on fire with Luis rushing in to retrieve the suppressants despite Wong's attempt at stopping him. Wong chases after Luis and brings him to safety with Wong chastising him for putting himself into danger to which Luis despairs over the thought that he cannot save them, Wong suggests that Luis makes more of the suppressant which gives him hope as he remembers that all the ingredients are present at the castle. Luis prescribes the ingredients needed to make the serum and hands the note to Wong before departing to acquire the Amber.

During her search, Wong meets Kennedy, who had been searching for Ashley Graham, for the first time in 6 years ever since their last encounter in Raccoon City, Wong is interested in his lack of surprise at her supposed demise. Wong holds him at gunpoint, but Kennedy manages to disarm her and turn the tide against her. Kennedy asks her about the organization that she is now working for, but she playfully avoids answering his question. Picking up their bearings, Wong suggests that he abandon Ashley, who she believes is doomed, in the hopes of another chance of encounter, but Kennedy rejects the proposal. Running out of time, Wong suggests that they continue the discussion at a later date and escapes through the window to continue her search. During the last stretch, Luis contacts Wong and rendezvous the location at the castle's top to deliver the ingredients in turn for the Amber.

Outside the castle, Wong contacts Wesker and updates him on her current situation in which she has make no progress in retrieving the sample but Kennedy is helping her with the retrieval process. Wesker allows Wong to keep him on board for assistance. After the call ends, Wong notices Verdugo carrying Ashley towards the throne room and informs Kennedy. Still in his cage, Kennedy receives the tip from Wong but before he can ask for more information, she abruptly disconnects the call. During her search, Wong learns from Isidro Uriarte Talavera's notes that the being had stalked and attacked her had also infected her with a piece of it's self which manipulates her consciousness with the only way to end it is to kill the creature as it is made up of specialized cells that cannot survive on its own.

Acquiring the last ingredient, Wong meets up with Luis who carries a box with chemical equipment and hands over the Amber to Wong who unintentionally reacts strongly as the parasite within her is reacting to the sample which in turn further the progress of Plaga parasitization. Luis quickly prepares the suppressant and treats Wong with the serum which appears to be ineffective as this draws the attention of Pesanta much to Luis's confusion, Wong forces Luis to take the Amber and escape the area as she distracts the creature. In a daze, Wong hides as the creature draws nearer to her presence but the suppressant works just in time, masking her from Pesanta's radar. The creature leaves and Wong uses I.R.I.S lens to track Luis down and discovers his note to which he explains that he went to mines to regroup with Leon after overhearing Ramón Salazar on the intercom and directs her to the Gregorio's Waterway as alternative entry and left behind red spray paints as guides.

Wong surveys her way through the waterway makes her way to the mines where she is confronted by Pesanta once again though Wong now determines to kill the creature. Wong lures the creature over to a cliff and crushes it with the use of a dangling gantry which triggers the creature's mutation. Wong fights the creature and successfully incapacitates it but its tail detaches from the main body and flings Wong further below the mines, forcing to battle for the last time. She emerges victorious and coughs out the parasite within as the result of its main body destroyed and crushes it. Wong resumes her search for Luis who she reaches contact only to find him severely injured as the result of Krauser's attack with Luis informing her that Krauser now has the Amber. Before Luis cuts contact, he expresses his gratitude at her for a chance to make amends. Wong arrives at the scene to a dying Luis and Krauser making his getaway with Wong departs, prioritizing the mission first.

Along the way, Wong comes across Ashley who is escorted to Salazar and Krauser running by the roof of the clock tower and informs Leon of Ashley's current location before resuming her objective. Wong arrives at the scene only to see that Krauser carries Ashley away and Leon fighting Salazar. On the lift down, Wong is contacted by Wesker who she gives update of the situation much to his frustration as she continues to pursue Krauser only to miss him at the last moment. Wong acquires the boat key with Leon following soon after and the pair make their way to the island.

During their travel, Kennedy confides in Wong about how he has changed along with the world following the destruction of Raccoon City. He explains that saving one life often results in the deaths of hundreds more, and he asks Wong if she has changed as well or if she continues to use him for her own agenda, like she did six years ago. However, Wong gives no answer and leaves Kennedy as he pilots the boat to the docking point as she advances towards her objective but not before placing a tracking chip on him.

Wong observes Krauser delivers Ashley and the Amber to the Saddler before Wesker arrives and informs Wong of another change in their plans to which she agrees to do and is handed over a briefcase which is an override device to be connected with the main terminal in comms facility. Wong arrives at the scene where Kennedy breaks the new of Luis's passing to Graham and is contacted by Kennedy when the parasite's removal becomes an urgent priority for him and Ashley and is asked about the location where they can remove the parasite; she theorizes that their most important facilities lay on top of the summit.

In the comms facility, Wong learns of a test subject with the name Martinico who is born a fragile and uncontrollable creature but after countless experiments with the Amber, the creature gains resilience and regenerative abilities which allows it to be unharmed by conventional weapons, but it still retains low mental capacity and can only be killed by powerful lasers. It encounters Wong who is relentlessly chased throughout the complex. During the last stretch, Wong traverse the laser corridor and dodge its beams and makes it to the terminal and connects the override device. Wesker initiates the countdown for the island's destruction which include Leon and Ashley as its casualties much to her conflicted mind, Wong plugs the USB stick to delay and minimizes the explosion impact and escape the area. Martinico burst in soon afterwards, but Wong lures and kills the creature with the use of corridor lasers. Hearing Ashley's distress call from the implanted tracking chip, Wong makes her way back to the main island's dock with a jet ski.

Afterwards, Wong manages to intercept and rescue Kennedy and Ashley from their total control from the cult's leader Osmund Saddler by firing a rain of bullets down onto Saddler before separating the pair from further pursuers. Wong battles Saddler to which she incapacitates and retrieve the Amber from him, Wong announces to Wesker of her acquisition of the sample with the latter sending a chopper for her evacuation. In her distraction, Wong is knocked out by the tentacle forming from Saddler's body. Wong is then incapacitated and held captive, intended to be used as bait to lure Kennedy out. Kennedy frees her from her restraints, but Saddler appears shortly after and attempts to strangle Kennedy before Wong intervenes and saves him. The two fire upon Saddler who mutates and charges at the pair, separating them. Wong then runs ahead to assist Kennedy with his fight against Saddler and tosses him a rocket launcher with a red warhead which he uses to defeat the creature.

After Saddler's demise, Kennedy attempts to retrieve the Amber, but it is picked up by Wong who informs him of the arrangements made with Luis. Wong offers a ride on the helicopter, but Kennedy refuses, knowing that this is the point where they depart. She then escapes the premises, leaving Kennedy with the key to the jet ski to aid his and Ashley's escape, and departs as the facilities on the island explode. On the helicopter, Wong contacts Wesker and demands to know his intention with the sample. Wesker reveals his intention to expedite change, in which a hundred will give their lives so that one may live, and that the casualties could result in billions. Hearing the insanity of his ambitious plans, Wong holds the pilot at gunpoint and orders him to change their course and make off with the sample. Looking outside, Wong sees Kennedy and Ashley making their way back home. As the chopper departs, Wesker allows Wong to escape due to her act of defiance had minimal impact on his plans.