(Rejected BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil sequel)

Dr. Ada Wong was an Umbrella researcher involved in the viral outbreak in Raccoon City.


When the t-Virus engulfed Raccoon City, Ada was being transported in a police van. The van crashed into the side of the Raccoon City Police Department and burst into flames. She was saved by Leon S. Kennedy with the help of a fire extinguisher. She later led Leon and his partner Marvin through the city's sewers to a Factory formerly used by Umbrella. Taking them down an elevator to Umbrella's hidden laboratory, she tasked Leon with creating a vaccine for Marvin, who had been infected by Dr. William Birkin upstairs.


Ada appears in the leaked November 1996 build, known in the modding community as the "Pure Vanilla Build". There, she is one of two supporting characters during Leon's story along with Marvin. At this stage in development she; John and Sherry Birkin were the only characters to have finished models, with everyone else re-using Leon's.

In early concept art, her outfit designs mainly consisted of the same red sweater and black pants, along with a small necklace. One concept showed a large green jacket with an Umbrella logo on the back. In the final design, she wore a white Umbrella lab coat, red shirt, khaki shorts, red shoes, and a necklace.

Further notes

Early on in the game's development, Ada was instead known as "Linda". Her name was changed to provide a link to John Clemens, the Arklay Laboratory's head researcher mentioned in the previous game.



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