Ada Wong is a file that can be found in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles.



The Asian woman Leon met in the Raccoon City Police Department's underground parking facility. Ada had actually been working undercover at Umbrella as a spy for a rival corporation. Ada, who prior to the incident obtained information about the G-Virus from a researcher at the Arklay Laboratory, received orders to obtain it, and came to the zombie-overrun Raccoon City in search of the virus. In order to get clues, she tried to find Ben Bertolucci, who had been investigating related cases prior to the biological disaster. After Ben's death, she encountered Annette Birkin while tracking her husband William Birkin who by this point had mutated into a single-minded monster. Ada was rescued from that critical situation by Leon, who risked his life to save her. From that moment, her feelings toward Leon changed. Later, Ada risked her own life to help Leon against the unstoppable Tyrant.






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