Ada Wong is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6's Ada Chapter 1. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


Not much is known about the international spy Ada Wong, including her age or whom she works for. Even her true name, as well as her aims, remain a mystery. What is known that no matter how difficult her mission may be, she has the brains and the physical ability to pull them off without a hitch. While there is a stoicism in her demeanor, it is her poise and sangfroid that she is known for. She appears to be working toward a specific goal, and once she accomplishes it, she is the type that would have to qualms about betraying her handlers.

In 1998, she went to Raccoon City with the intent on secreting out a sample of the G-Virus. It was there that she met Leon Kennedy, a rookie cop at the time. Following the events of Raccoon City, she has been known to offer aid to Leon on his missions, but mostly as a ploy to enlist his help.

Currently, Ada has snuck aboard a submarine after being contacted by Derek Simmons, a man she hasn't heard from since the Raccoon City incident. While on the submarine, she discovers a mission that was never fielded to her, and a terrible secret that will spur her to act. What form those actions will take is anybody's guess.

She had no memory of the mission assigned to her, but it was executed none the less. Below is a report detailing the outcome of that mission sent to Derek Simmons.


I couldn't get Jake. He and the girl that was with him, Sherry Birkin, went missing. They might have been caught in the explosion and blown to bits.











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