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Ada Wong was a corporate spy deeply involved in the Umbrella Corporation's actions in Raccoon City up to and including the G-Virus outbreak.


Ada Wong began a relationship with John Fay, an Umbrella researcher operating at the Arklay Laboratory. While he cared deeply about the relationship, going as far as to warn her about the T-virus in a letter she had no chance of reading,[1] Ada simply used him for the sake of obtaining industrial secrets regarding his work in bio-weapons development. This was discovered during the outbreak, when Dr. Annette Birkin did a background check.[2] Ada was in Raccoon City some time around October 1998, ready to leave for Chicago just as Dr. William Birkin began releasing the G-Virus around Raccoon City in an inexplicable burst of insanity. Almost running over a man, she tried to help him, only to find that he had transformed into a zombie. Killing him, she returned to Birkin for answers to this new mystery, already seeking him for the reason for John's disappearance.[3]

Resident Evil Vol 1 Issue 2 - Ada's death

Ada falls to her death.

Hearing that a reporter, Ben Bertolucci, had information on what was going on, she went to the Raccoon City police station where he was being held, enlisting the help of officer Leon Kennedy along the way. They were unable to get much information from him -being unaware as to who John was- other than the Police Chief's corruption, as the mutated Dr. Birkin attacked him in his cell. Traveling down into an Umbrella sewer facility, the two ran into Birkin's wife, Annette, who revealed John to be long dead before trying to kill her, instead hitting Leon as he jumped in the way. She left Leon bleeding out in a corridor while she ran after Annette, but lost her. Leon, bandaged up by Claire Redfield, caught up with her, only for a giant alligator to attack, though Leon saved Ada by destroying a fuel canister.[2]

The two took a special train elevator down into the Birkins' laboratory, where William attacked, injuring Ada in a swipe. Defeating the doctor, Leon took a seemingly-unconscious Ada to the security room to recover, though Annette returned, ready to shoot them both as spies. As soon as Annette was knocked out by falling debris, Ada took her gun out to Leon, demanding he hand over the G-Virus sample on Annette's person. With Leon deeply disturbed by Ada's betrayal, he didn't see Annette take her own gun out and shoot Ada. With Ada hanging over a ledge, loosening on Leon's grip, she revealed a wide range of emotions, apologising for her cold-hearted behavior (especially with the revelation that Annette was carrying only an empty vial) before falling to her death.[2]



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