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Ada falls off the bridge (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


Ada catches up with Dr. Annette Birkin, but she manipulates a control panel for the bridge Ada is stood on. She goads Dr. Birkin, by asking if she murdered her husband, William. When a crusher moves onto the bridge, Ada is forced off of it, and falls down into the garbage room where she injures her leg.


Ada Wong: "Enough with this cat and mouse game."

Annette Birkin: "The game is over. You lost."

Ada: "Tell me: Is your husband still alive?"
"Or did you kill him so you could take credit for G?"

Annette: "Interesting theory..."
(small nasal laugh) "Hmph..." *

Ada: "If you don't cooperate, I'll get a sample from the NEST."

Annette: "Over my dead body."

Ada: "Oh, shit..."
"Where's Leon when I need him...?"

 * = cut dialogue line

Ada Wong: "まだ追いかけっこを続けるつもり?"

Annette Birkin: "ゲームは終わりよ あなたの負け"

Ada: "聞いていい? 旦那さんは元気かしら?"
"まさかGを独り占めするために 殺したとか?"

Annette: "面白い考えね"
"フッ…" *

Ada: "あなたが協力しないなら NESTに向かうだけよ"

Annette: "やれるものならやってみなさい"

Ada: "え? ウソ…"

 * = cut dialogue line