Ada saves Leon from T-00 (tentative) is a cutscene in Resident Evil 2.


In this cutscene, Leon S. Kennedy is attacked by T-00 in the Parking Garage, but is saved by Ada Wong when she drives a truck into T-00 and traps it against the wall. After Leon catches his breath, T-00 begins to move again, but Ada uses a remote bomb to ensure its death. Leon gives Ada the Interview Transcript and she walks away.


Leon Scott Kennedy: "Ada!?"

Ada Wong: "This is getting old... Saving your ass - that's twice."

Leon: "I didn't realize you were keeping score."

Ada: "Look, this isn't a game!"

Leon: "You gotta be kidding me."

Ada: "Nothing dies down here. I take it you have the key card?"

Leon: "Yeah, and this... I was hoping you could explain what's on it."

Ada: "Maybe... After I hear it. Let's get out of here."

Leon Scott Kennedy: "エイダ"

Ada Wong: "いい加減にして これであなたを2度救ったわ"

Leon: "まさか数えてたとはね"

Ada: "これはゲームじゃないのよ"

Leon: "おい マジか"

Ada: "死なない奴ばかりね カードキーは?"

Leon: "持ってる これもね その内容を説明してくれ"

Ada: "それは私が聞いてから ここを出ましょう"


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