Ada vs. Ada (エイダVSエイダ Eida VS Eida?) is a scene in Resident Evil 6. It is played during Chapter 4 of the Ada Story. Storyboards were drawn by either Takeshi Miyazawa or Yoshihiro Sono, and were published in the BIOHAZARD 6 STORY GUIDE book.


Ada arrives on the launch deck, looking at the body of her dead doppleganger. She understands that Carla was motivated by he hatred towards Simmons for ruining her life by turning her into a clone of Ada. That hatred lead Carla to desire tearing down the world Simmons and The Family wished to preserve. Taking pity of Carla, Ada notes she would have helped Carla with her revenge if she hadn't founded Neo Umbrella and took her anger out on the world. Suddenly Carla awakens and begins convulsing (having taken the Enhanced C-Virus); her spilt blood turns white as white goo oozes off her. Carla stands up and vomits goo at Ada, who dodges.

Carla states that she is the real Ada Wong and that her plans are thriving. As Carla speaks, more and more goo explodes from her body, covering the carrier. Reduced to a slimy upper body on a mass of white goo, Carla asks Ada if she knows what will remain when The Family's world collapses. With a psychotic declartion "Nothing!!", Carla announces hell will rise and chaos will reign, falling into the goo. Ada briefly thinks Carla is dead, but then hears her echoing voice declare that she, Ada Wong, will be queen of the new world. 

Ada rushes back into the ship as Carla tries following. Slamming a door on her, Ada tells Carla that she is nothing more than a cheap knock-off at best. Ada wishes for Carla to rest in peace.


Ada: "Your hatred to Simmons drove you to tear down the world they created, but it was your conscience, Carla, that saw you fail."
"After all, isn't that why you brought me into this?"
"It's a shame. If you had only sought vengeance against Simmons alone, I would have helped you."

Carla: "Get over yourself. Help me?"
"I am the real Ada Wong! I don't need help from anyone!"
"My plans aren't failing, they're thriving!"
"And soon this frail shell of a society will collapse!"
"After that, you know what will be left of this world?"
"Hell will rise and chaos will reign!"
"And I, Ada Wong, will be queen of the new world!"
Ada: "Hate to break it to you, but you're nothing but a cheap knockoff, at best."
"Rest in peace, Carla."

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