Further notes


They should be considered very dangerous because they move swiftly and attack in packs of two or more. If you have any Incendiary Grenades when encountering these dogs, they are highly effective. The blast of a Shotgun is very useful because of its large blast which helps hit more than one Adjule and makes it easier to hit ones that try to encircle you. A close range shotgun burst will knock them down for a few seconds. Also, avoid the opening areas while they gang up on you. Luckily moving to a higher ground will protect the player, as they cannot climb, but will rather jump around near you.

When in their split head form, they are considerably more dangerous because of its grappling attack, yet they are more vulnerable to headshots. In this mutated state, they can be killed instantly with Flash Grenades or flash rounds just as with other types of Plaga parasites revealed from its host. They are named after a real-life canid cryptid reported in the Sahara Desert.

In Chapter 2-2, there are also two larger Adjule which are African wild dog. The only difference from a regular Adjule is they are larger, have a different appearance and do more damage. Also, if using un-upgraded weapons they are a lot tougher than a normal Adjule, however, using hand grenades can kill or significantly damage these wild dogs with correct timing. If you do not aim for their Plagas when they split, they can easily kill the player.

Sometimes even tentacles (watch the first 30 seconds of this video) will appear from their split head to attack from a short range. This has been noted especially in chapter 6.1 where they are trying to attack the trapped player under the cage.



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