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The Advanced SMG is a submachine gun appearing in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.


It has decent damage and accuracy, and a relatively high fire rate. It also has does decent range and the best blood frenzy chance among the Sub-Machine Guns. It has a 30-round magazine with 175 spare rounds initially and has a maximum of 245 spare rounds altogether. Despite this, it is still recommended to burst fire, both to increase accuracy and conserve ammunition.

This weapon cannot be found or dropped by the enemy in both campaigns. Purchasing it in pre-game buy menu is the only way to use this powerful submachine gun.


"The Advanced SMG with laser sight is a deadly technological marvel. The weapon combines the deadly power of an assault rifle with the fire rate of a submachine gun."
— In Game Description
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Additional Notes

  • The Advanced SMG was mistakingly featured in the trailer for the Combat SMG, leading to confusion as to which weapon was which.