Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

After Hours was a restaurant located in the city area of Tall Oaks.[1] It was located on the corner of Tall Oaks Street and Sizemore Street, across from the STAGLA gas station.[1][Note 1] The restaurant was affected by the Tall Oaks outbreak and was decimated with the rest of the city on June 29, 2013.


During the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks, D.S.O. agent Leon Scott Kennedy and Secret Service agent Helena Harper made their way through the city in an attempt to reach Tall Oaks Cathedral. After Hours was the last area they explored before teaming up with a group of civilians outside of the neighboring gas station.


The building is three stories high and sits on the corner of Tall Oaks Street and Sizemore Street. At the back of the restaurant is a yard or open lot that is currently undergoing construction.[Note 2] The inside of the restaurant has a row of booths along the eastern wall and a bar on the western wall. There are windows along the northern and eastern walls, facing the streets outside. A large neon sign with the restaurant's name hangs outside of the building above the entrance.




  1. The street that runs along the north side of the building is marked as Tall Oaks Street until it becomes Sizemore Street before reaching the building. The street along the east end of the building is marked Tall Oaks Street after reaching the gas station.
  2. Several buildings on Tall Oaks Street/Sizemore Street were undergoing construction at the time of the outbreak. The lot behind the building has two stories of scaffolding and a large construction dumpster.
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