Agent Hunt is a multiplayer game mode in Resident Evil 6



Agent Hunt places players in the role of creatures found in Resident Evil 6 and puts them with other AI-controlled creatures to fight against human players. While playing Agent Hunt, players will be put into the role of all lesser creatures featured in the game, meaning that playing as bosses or mini-bosses such as an Ogroman is not possible. Upon death, the player will respawn as another creature and be allowed to continue menacing their enemies. When playing the main campaign, an option is present which dictates if an Agent Hunter player is able to join or not, once a creature is joining a match, the Agent player (meaning the main character such as Leon, Helena, etc.) will see a notification on the top right of their screen with the Agent Hunt's player Dog Tag being displayed.

The Partner Action Button can be used in this mode when there are two player-controlled creatures in a match, however, it's only used to find the location of the other player as no commands can be assigned.

The strength, speed and stamina of the creatures that hunters control vary depending on the current campaign's selected difficulty; For instance, players inflict more damage on the agents if the agent players have selected Veteran or Professional difficulty, there are also Skills that are exclusive to this mode which can toughen up the creature's stats.

Playable Stages

  • Leon 1-5 Gun Shop
  • Leon 2-2 Forest Cemetery
  • Leon 3-3 Cavern
  • Leon 4-3 Market
  • Chris 3-4 Stilt Housing Area
  • Chris 4-1 Aircraft Carrier - Rear Hanger
  • Chris 4-3 Aircraft Carrier - Forward Hanger
  • Chris 5-1 Underwater Facility
  • Jake 2-1 Mountain Path
  • Jake 3-2 Research Facility - Living Quarters
  • Jake 4-4 Shopping District
  • Jake 5-1 Underwater Facility 1

Upon playing on every stage once, players will unlock the "Rasklapanje" icon on RE.NET.

Playable Creatures

  • Machete J'avo -
    As a machete-wielding J'avo, players will have to get up-close and personal with their targets, utilizing the same basic moveset found in the same AI-controlled enemy. They are able to utilize a simple slash attack that can make small combos, as well as a heavily orchestrated spinning machete attack.
  • Neo-Umbrella J'avo - With this J'avo you can get up-close and personal with your targets by running up to agents and stunning them with your wrist blades, or even killing them when they are wounded or are incapacitated on the floor.
  • Ruka-Khvatanje - Once a J'avo sustains enough damage to its arm, it has the potential to mutate into this. Players under this mutation will be able to utilize the newly-grown arm to reach out and grab their enemies and slam them into the ground.
  • Ruka-Srp - When a J'avo has received enough damage to the arm they will mutate their arm in to a scythe-like protrusion. With this you are able to slash your enemies with the arm to deal heavy damage.
  • Ruka-Bedem - When a J'avo has taken enough damage to the arm it will grow a shield-like arm to protect the J'avo's front body from incoming fire.
  • Strelac - If a J'avo is close to death, they may begin mutation into a Chrysalid. Just the same as an AI-enemy, they will enter a pod-like stasis that they will eventually burst from. This variation is a four-legged creature with extending frills that is capable of knocking enemies down easily.
  • Gnezdo - Is a swarm of creatures that hatch from a Chrysalid and act like a colony of insects, protecting their queen. Using this you can attack an enemy with a swarm of insects causing them great damage.
  • Glava-Sluz - If a J'avo has taken a severe amount of damage to the head it will trigger a mutation. Using this you are able to cover your enemy in a sticky substance akin to webbing leaving your enemy helpless and vulnerable, trying to free themselves while in danger of being attacked.
  • Glava-Smech - When the head of a J'avo has taken enough damage it will mutate into a beetle-like form. This enables you to pick up your enemies up and crush or devour your victims like an insect does to its prey.
  • Telo-Eksplozija - Once a J'avo has sustained a certain amount of damage to its torso it will mutate into a cocoon-like form. This mutation gives you the ability to explode, dealing massive damage to enemies when taking damage to the legs or knees.
  • Mesec - A J'avo in the mountains of Edonia may mutate into one of these when near death. These flying bird-like creatures can swoop down and grab a target, then stab them with multiple talons before throwing them off onto the ground.
  • Napad - Another playable Chrysalid mutation. Slow, but fiendishly strong melee attacks. They are also capable of unleashing a fast, charging attack to knock over their targets.
  • Zombie - As an unarmed Zombie, players can swipe at targets with their hands or grab and bite. Zombies holding weapons can use them to attack their targets.
  • Bloodshot - Once a Zombie takes enough damage, it may randomly mutate into a Bloodshot. Players controlling these crimson Zombies can move much faster and hit harder with their close-range attacks. Unlike normal Zombies, players can now run and leap at their targets.
  • Zombie Dog - Players controlling Zombie Dogs can pounce on their victims and tear at their throat, as well as dodge bullets by jumping sideways.
  • Shrieker - Shriekers can either punch or hide to fill up their lungs with air in preparation for a scream attack, which inflicts damage depending on proximity to the targets.
  • Rasklapanje - These creatures have extremely dangerous attacks that can cause instant-death if they are not shaken off. They are also nigh-invulnerable to conventional firearms, as they can simply reattach dismembered limbs or regenerate them.

Upon playing on as every creature once, players will unlock the "Ustanak 2" icon on RE.NET.


Main article: Skills

The following are the Skills that are exclusive to this mode.

Skill Name Original Name Max Level Required Points Description
Creature Offense クリーチャー攻撃 Level 3 5000
Increases damage dealt by 10/20/50%.
Creature Defense クリーチャー防御 Level 3 5000
Reduces damage taken by 10/20/30%.
Creature Health クリーチャー体力 Level 3 5000
Increases your health by 20/50/100%.
Creature Stamina クリーチャースタミナ Level 3 5000
Increases the stamina bar by 6/7/10 units.


Main article: List of medals in Resident Evil 6

The following are the medals that can be acquired after finishing an Agent Hunt match.

Medal Type
Hunt Successful RE6Gold.png
Hunt Failed RE6Copper.png
Finished off an agent RE6Gold.png
Put an agent in dying status RE6Silver.png
Attacked and inflicted damage upon an agent RE6Bronze.png
Played as a zombie RE6Copper.png
Played as a J'avo RE6Copper.png
Played as a Rasklapanje RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Shrieker RE6Bronze.png
Played as a zombie dog RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Bloodshot RE6Bronze.png
Mutated into a Strelats RE6Bronze.png
Played as Mesets RE6Bronze.png
Mutated into a Napad RE6Bronze.png
Mutated into a Gnezdo RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Glava-Sluz RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Glava-Smech RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Ruka-Srp RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Ruka-Khvatanje RE6Bronze.png
Played as Ruka-Bedem RE6Bronze.png
Played as Ruka-Bedem RE6Bronze.png
Played as a Telo-Eksplozija RE6Bronze.png
Hit an agent with a throw object RE6Silver.png
Perform a successful dynamite punch RE6Silver.png
Sprayed acid on an agent RE6Silver.png
Assembled 5 zombies by shrieking RE6Silver.png
Mutated two different body regions as a J'avo RE6Silver.png
Hid behind cover as a J'avo RE6Silver.png
Bit and lifted up an agent RE6Silver.png
Immobilized an agent with a sticky substance RE6Silver.png
Attacked an agent with a mutated scythe arm RE6Silver.png
Grabbed an agent with an extended arm RE6Silver.png
Blocked an agent's attack with a shield RE6Silver.png
Stomped on an agent RE6Silver.png
Killed by an agent's coup de grâce RE6Silver.png
Travelled over 1,000 meters in one season RE6Copper.png
Killed by an agent in a single hit RE6Copper.png
Attacked an agent being held by another creature RE6Copper.png
Killed by physical attacks RE6Copper.png
Killed a creature as a creature RE6Copper.png
Killed by an explosion RE6Copper.png
Played for less than 1 minute RE6Copper.png
Played for 10 minutes RE6Copper.png
Did not inflict any damage to agents RE6Copper.png
Finished a game without dying once RE6Copper.png
Killed by an agent 10 times RE6Copper.png

Loading screens

Main article: Loading screens (RE6)

Agent Hunt has its own set of unique loading screens, which teach how to control each creature and its mutations.


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